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Mary E. Wells High School

Southbridge, Massachusetts

Class of 1954

Last updated January 25, 2015

Class of 1954 60th Reunion


Our 60th Reunion was held at the Cohasse Country Club on Saturday, September 13th, 2014.  Events were also held on Friday the 12th and on Sunday the 14th

We have revived this website that was created in 2000. The website contains information dating back to its creation in 2000. 

As plans change they will be posted on those pages.  Any comments that you might wish to post here can be accommodated also.  Address those comments to

The Reunion Committee 

Link to Wells High School Website

Dick Costa has compiled a great DVD containing pictures from the 50th  reunion, complete with appropriate music.  He has generously offered to make copies available.  If you'd like yours, send an email to containing complete mailing address information.

Our 50th Class Reunion

September 18, 2004

The "Waving Picture

Class of 1954 small .jpg (104473 bytes)

The Formal Picture


Photos courtesy of Judy Ferguson of Village Photo and Portrait Services.  Click on picture to enlarge, use your  "Back" button to return.

Front Row, Left to Right: Jeanne Houle Allard, Patricia Hall Michaeles, Helen Ludwin Santilli, Sandra Zitka Twite, Barbara Miller Cleri, Carol Zuiss Calogero, Pauline Cote Gagnon, and Judith Brockway Kavanagh.

Second Row, Left To Right: Jack Sheehan, Vivian Blood Jackson, Shirley Lemoine King, Connie Faford Watt, Phyllis Bruso Romine, and Cliff Steadman.

Third Row, Left to Right: Joan Anderson Benvenuti, Jackie Lataille Varin, John Swirbliss, Tony Cleri, Ron Willett, Jim Twite, and Polly Anderson Deveau.

Fourth Row, Left to Right: Billy Gibb, Norbert Dupre, Bob Duff, Bob Kroll, Johnny Santelli, Sally Anderson Watson, and Jeanette Swirbliss Kennedy.

Top Row, Left to Right: John Coderre, Dick Costa, Harvey Gaumond, Tom Vangel, Bill Allabashi, Joan Montigny Capillo, and Joe Marino.


Our 50th reunion is now history, but what a wonderful time it was.  Weekends like this could only happen once in 50 years, and this weekend was truly special.  

The "Reunion" proper, on Saturday evening, was just perfect.  Thirty five classmates and spouses brought the total attendance to close to sixty happy people.  The surroundings at the Cohasse Country Club were superb, the music was great, dinner was outstanding, and it is safe to say that NO class event was ever more enjoyable.

On Friday evening about 30 of us gathered at the Comfort Inn Lounge in Sturbridge, which was another perfect setting.  Pictures from Friday evening are accessible through the link, below.  A nice gathering was capped by a ninth inning come-from-behind win by the Red Sox - could it get better than that?

A small but rabid group met again on Saturday afternoon at the Comfort Inn Lounge for more conversation.  A pall fell over the group when the Red Sox were blown out in the first inning, but fortunately  that didn't carry over to Saturday evening.

Festivities ended Sunday Morning with a brunch at the Sturbridge Isle.  More good food and great company.  And suddenly it ended, and people were scattering again to Colorado, New Mexico, Florida, Seattle, and other distant locations.

Anyone who has pictures taken at any of these events that they would like to share, please mail them to Jack Sheehan at the address below, or email them to .

For ease of downloading, the events and pictures will be broken down into separate pages, which can be accessed by clicking below.  More news and comments will follow.





Damn, that was a good time!  It's time to begin planning the next reunion!

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Other Reunions

Helen Ludwin Santilli has gone into her personal archives for pictures taken either during our High School days, or at reunions since then.  The pictures are in the process of being scanned, and will eventually find their way to this website.  To view the pictures click here or use the icon to the left titled "Vintage Photos".  (I worked hard to avoid the word  "older").  So please enjoy the pictures, and drop a line whenever you check the website.  Our address is


A web site has been created for Mary E. Wells High School.  The site  contains listings of all Wells Class members from 1917 through 1961 and Class pictures from the Year 2000 All-Class Reunion.  You can access this web by clicking on the icon below, or by going directly to

Many of our classmates attended the "All Classes" Reunion held in August of 2000.  Click on the "Photos" link to the left to see a picture of those present. 

Perhaps the most frequently heard comment at the Reunion was that there just wasn't enough time to spend with all of our friends who were present. Further discussions led to creation of a Web Page and here we are.  We felt that a Web could help us to accomplish many goals, the most important being:

  • Creation of a tool that would enable quick and easy communications among class members.  

  • An aid in locating class members with whom we have lost contact

  • A forum for dissemination of information regarding plans for our 50th Reunion

  • A place to post notes, make up for lost time, share remembrances, and just plain enjoy ourselves

So please feel free to use our Web to meet these objectives.  As you supply us with information, the pages will fill up.  Suggestions are always welcome and we will do what we can to process all requests.  

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The Reunion Committee

Helen Ludwin Santilli -  Joan Anderson Benvenuti -  Dick Boland - Paul Kollios - Joan Montigny Capillo - Jack Sheehan - Cliff Steadman - Tom Vangel - Carol Zuiss Calogero