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Peg is the one you’ll typically find indoors, seated at her computer, reading her daily batch of e-mail messages, checking-out the newest e-buy-bargains, or searching the ‘Net for advice to help a web-friend cope with a Westie’s problem. Peg at Computer
Peg Grooming When her own Westies, currently Giaco, Kylie & Courtney, need her attention, Peg is right there with all the right tools and talents…for clipping, petting, medicating, feeding … everything but shoveling (Jay gets to use that tool…and appropriate talents).
When all the Westies are watered, washed and winded, and all the e-mail-boxes have been exhumed and emptied, then it’s "snoozie-time" for all (except Jay, of course - he’s outdoors, probably shoveling…and never mind what!). Peg With Westies
Jay with camera Jay is the one you’ll likely find outdoors, with pruning-shears in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other and dog-treats in his pocket … or, before Winter sets-in, away in the woods with his trusty Nikon (a Christmas surprise from Peg a dozen years ago), in search of the perfect picture.
During Winter, Jay is easy to spot - he’s the only one in Northeast Michigan driving a rear-wheel-drive car (without a gun-rack in the back window)…hoping that his beloved Nissan 240SX doesn’t get stranded in the next snowstorm. Jay's Car
Plays Well With Westies When he gets to play chauffeur at shopping malls and Westie shows, then he’s usually waiting patiently in the car for Peg, … but otherwise ready always (OK – mostly during the Summer…July 28 thru August 3) to gather leads and harnesses and jog a trio of Westies a few laps around the estate.

So, when all is said-&-shown and read-&-seen, what’s so special "About Us"? — probably not much, if truth be told (and we’ve probably not told the whole truth and nothing but the truth).

We’re relatively normal folks with tastes more expensive than our incomes can indulge … and with a wish and will to enjoy the blessings and ignore the blemishes of our lives.

Within our means, we mean and try to be well, to be good, to do well and to do good … and to be and do those things with family and friends foremost in mind.

We’re likely a lot like you, if we’ve held your interest long enough for you to read this far … so please feel welcome to write in reply and tell us how much we have in common — we’d like that!


Among web-sites where you’ll find more information about people, places, things and topics important to us—and, we’ll hope, of interest to you also—here are links to some of our favorites…

Peg's Favorites:

The Bookies - Peg's favorite email book list.

Jay's Favorites:

HotSheet   - A fast-loading site for quick-reference links to many common and personal-interest sites.

The Enchanted Forest - A developing reference site of interest to Northeast Michigan's residents and visitors.

Hope Sports - The 'Sports Page' for Jay's alma mater.

New York Institute of Photography - A tutorial/reference site for photographers of all levels of competence.

Do-It-Yourself Network - A handy site for 'virtually' any home & garden project.


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