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Although we may be more spiritualist and naturalist than religious, there are in our histories and memories vestiges of Sunday School lessons and Bible studies. Consequently, when thinking of ways to introduce ourselves, the members of our family and our relationships (genealogical, not pathological), it seemed that adapting "the begat’s" from the New Testament and associating a photo and a mini-bio with each of the generations and partnerships might be the easiest way to acquaint you with the primary members of our extended family. So, let us begin the begats…


June and Walt

"...And...June and Walt..."

June is a retired secretary for an insurance agency, and Walt retired as supervisor of a manufacturing plant’s finishing department. Together they call Michigan home, but in winter they’re central Florida "snowbirds".


"...begat Peggy..."

Peg is a graduate of Ferris State University in Michigan and works part-time as a medical records clerk. She’s the one to whom this web-site is a surprise(?) gift for Christmas, ’99 — Hope you like it, Peg!


Eleanor and John

"...And...Eleanor & John..."

Ele is a retired nurse and community volunteer, while John is an attorney who retired as a family court judge. New York’s Hudson Valley is home, but the winters find them keeping warm on Florida’s east coast.


"...begat Jay..."

Jay’s a graduate of Hope College (BA) and Western Michigan University (MPA), and is an administrator at a community mental health agency…& CLO at Windhover Farm.


"...and Christine,
who married John..."

One of them is "retired" (don’t believe it!) while the other just keeps on designin’. Their twin daughters and son are Peg and Jay's only nieces and nephew.  Homes for them are in Illinois & Colorado.

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"...And Peg & Jay..."

So far, we’ve enjoyed 35+ years of marriage, a move from Michigan’s Gold Coast to its Sunrise Side, and, most proudly, the maturations of our two incredibly talented, hard-working and successful children…and their marriages to equally successful and lovable spouses.

Tracy and Pat

"...begat Tracy & Pat..."

Fortunately, they inherited their parents’ best qualities and avoided our worst traits. In return, they’ve bequeathed us their witty senses of humor and their love of music.


"...And Tracy..."


She’s the daughter we’d always wanted and, luckily, we got her on the first try! A graduate of Williams College (economics & psychology) and Kellogg/Northwestern (management), she and Ray settled in Chicago, where she works in health management consulting. Click on "Our Daughter" to read her side of this tale.

"...met & married Ray..."

Ray and Tracy

He’s an electrical engineer (whose dad, by the way, is a fan of John Wayne, and who taught Ray all The Duke’s good points). A sports arcade game displays Ray’s digital visage if you enter the secret code.


"...And Patrick..."


He’s the son every parent would like to have…but he’s ours…
so you’ll have to get your own! With Bachelor and Master of Music
degrees from Indiana University, he’s moved to New York City
where he can pursue his music career.
To meet Pat up-close-&-personal, click on "Our Son".


...And we've all "lived happily ever after"...of course!
(you really didn't expect us to say otherwise, did you?)

Please click on the "continued" button to learn
more about the inhabitants of Windhover Farm
Peg and Jay


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