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Windhover Farm Birds

Windhover Farm is a century-old homestead in Northeastern Lower Michigan in the USA. It is home to Peg & Jay Heilman, and haven to a handful of West Highland White Terriers as well. Our home is also an occasional refuge from big-city-life for our adult children, two of whom, Tracy and Patrick, are gifts to ourselves from each other (therefore gifted, of course!)…and son-in-law, Ray— also a gift and gifted!—Tracy's spouse since 1995.

This page and the few that follow will introduce to you our home and our family (with touches of our senses of humor thrown in to test yours), and will offer you opportunities to get acquainted with all of us by e-mail. The links on these pages are to sites relevant to our lives, our loves, our family, our friends and our ‘favorites’. At the ends of these pages are navigation-buttons for travelling among this site’s several pages—feel free…we’ll never know if you cheated.

If you’re ready, it’s time to explore this site to learn answers to the following questions:

  • Which 2 among our family group of five (so far!) have careers in the entertainment field?
  • …and which 3 work in fields related to health care?
  • Which of the Wild Westies of Windhover Farm are retired?
  • …and which of them lived the good life while another first lived a life in hell-on-earth?
  • What are the 8 colleges and universities that have awarded degrees to our family of five.
  • …and which 2 of us earned 2 degrees each from the same single university?
  • Which among the Westies who have lived at Windhover Farm are current residents?
  • …and which are permanent residents (may they ‘West’-in-peace)?
  • Who among us has qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2000?
  • …and whose partner has sailed the Adriatic and raced the Great Lakes?
  • …and whose partner wrote and performed the music for a major sport’s centennial video?
  • And finally, what is common to the following couples? - One partner has copies of every movie John Wayne ever made … one partner’s college cycling exploits produced a classic movie … one partner didn’t know this web-site was being designed as a Christmas gift for 1999.

Now, click away and get acquainted with us - our interests, our passions and our peccadilloes. Write in reply if you wish—we’ll be pleased to respond.


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