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Both before and since our beachfront wedding on Lake Michigan (June 1995), we’ve been a couple who love the outdoors — Chicago’s Tracy and Ray's Weddingwaterfront jogging paths, the harbors of the Great Lakes and the Adriatic Sea, and the back roads of Michigan and Maine.

We are both avid runners. Ray grew up as a runner, starting with running on the cross-country and track teams. Tracy started running in middle school, when she and Pat and Jay trained for (and finished!) the Tunnel Park 10K. Peg even got some running shoes that year, and made an attempt to participate in the family "running thing".

Both of us have run several marathons (Ray: 3 … Tracy: 6). This year, Tracy finally met her personal goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which she is already signed up to run in 2000. Despite that achievement, Ray is still the faster runner!




Ray, Tracy and Codi

Lab Line

Our "child" is our dog, Codi, a 7+-year-old Black Labrador Retriever. She rules the roost, yet is the sweetest and most mellow dog you'll ever meet. She has a penchant for cramming herself into the smallest space she can find, especially during thunderstorms.

We all love to travel, and have seen much of the U.S., as well as places abroad. Ray has sailed throughout different island chains in Greece three times…Tracy was lucky enough to join him once! Sailing through the Greek Islands is definitely the best way to experience them. Even Codi is a veteran of several cross-country trips between Chicago and our new New England getaway.

Maine House
Oxford, Maine

Tracy works for HCIA-Sachs, a health care information provider. In her role there, she is responsible for the content of the firm's Web site, which means she gets to play multiple roles, from editor-in-chief/publisher to "type-setter". It's a great job that combines health care with the Internet.

Tracy is a graduate of both Williams College and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University (Master of Management).

Ray works for Midway Games, as a design engineer. He's the "hardware brains" behind many of the cool arcade games that are out on the market. If you enter a special code, you can use him as a character in your game!

Ray’s education includes degrees from the Universities of both Michigan and Southern California (Master of Science in Engineering).


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