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Howdy Folks! We’re Giaco, Courtney and Kylie, the Wild Westies of Windhover Farm … and we’re here to introduce ourselves and tell you a few tall tales (and some steamy secrets?!) about life here in Northeast Michigan’s haven for Wonderful Westies.

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We’re Windhover Farm’s D.O.G.s ("Designated Official Greeters"), since we’ve often been described as "better door-bells than guard-dogs" (we’re just way too friendly…yet loud enough to alert Peg & Jay to any car, person or four-legged visitor to our mini-estate).

We’re not the first—nor do we expect to be the last—West Highland White Terriers here. Terra and Duffie were the pioneers, moving here from Holland in southwest Michigan during the winter of ’86-’87.  Sadly, both their spirits have traveled beyond the Rainbow Bridge and their old bones now rest in peace just outside that window you see, in graves covered by gardens of Spring-flowering tulips & daffodils and Summer’s finest flowering plants.

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Here’s a picture of Giaco, Mom (Peg to you) and Terra — it was taken a while after Giaco arrived to fill the holes in Mom & Dad’s hearts left by Duffie’s untimely departure.

Peg and Westies

As the Senior Stud here […OK — the only male Westie here], I—Giaco—get to introduce myself first. My name was inspired by Peg & Jay’s developing interest in opera — "Giaco[mo] Pucci[ni]’s {an opera composer} Opus 3 {their third Westie}, K.9 {a music classification code}" … pretty clever, eh? (but don’t tell them I said so!). Apparently they always wanted a "poochie", and this is how they got one with class…and one who’s a real ‘jock’, too, of course.

GiacoOriginally, I was a Cornhusker, the prodigy of a professional breeder in Omaha, Nebraska. Now I’m a Windhover Farm Westie … tested by The-Worst-of-Winter! … tempted by The-Wildest-of-Westie-Women! … and emerging victorious as The-Phantom-of-the-Phorest, The-Ogre-of-the-Orchard and The-Terror-of-the-Tree-Nursery!!!

Actually, as you may have suspected, I’m rather a genial gentledog, fond of food & favors, veteran of veterinarian ’ventures, ever-ready to race in ever-tightening circles around my ever-present lady-friends, and most relaxed while reclining in Mom’s arms (…and there’s absolutely no truth to the rumor that I suck my thumb then!…geeezz!!).

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Hi, I’m Kylie, formerly "Sugar #14" (that’s the number tattooed inside my ear when I lived in the puppy mills), and I’m the reigning ruler here…really!…despite what Courtney may try to pretend. I’ve come a long way in these last few years…not only geographically (from the Kansas / Missouri area) but alsoKylie in other ways: physically, emotionally and spiritually — I’m a new Westie-Woman! … released from the confines of a breeding mill for pet store puppies, to be transported by caring members of Westie-Rescue groups and C.U.R. (Canine Underground Railway) runners to this Haven for Wonderful Westies.

I’ll have my secretary make sure that somewhere on this page are links to ‘My Story’ and to the web-sites of Westie-lovers you can contact if you’d like to help rescue a Westie in need of a good home. If, by some fluke of fate or fortune, you haven’t yet been alerted to the plight of puppy-mill canines of all breeds, you may either consider yourself lucky that you haven’t been exposed to the horrors of our ‘existences’, or, perhaps, misinformed if you thought those cute little puppies in the pet stores really are worth the hundreds of dollars you’re enticed into spending on impulse for an under-aged, malnourished, mislabeled and probably-dying dog.

Sorry! Sometimes I get carried away when I have a chance to climb on my soapbox and address a world-wide, worldly audience. Actually, I’m usually quite mellow, a neutralizing influence on the status-squabbles that Giaco and Courtney have here all too often. Yet I really am The-Westie-In-Charge, by the way—I believe I was destined to come here just in time to train to succeed Terra as the Wonder-Westie of Windhover Farm … so I’m fulfilling my destiny, in spite of (or, perhaps, because of?) my early-life experience — who knows the will of The Great White Westie?).

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CourtneyYou’re kidding! Do I really need an introduction?! … Well, if you insist!…

My name is Wee-Hy-Lynn Irish Linen … "Courtney" to my friends (and those are few and privileged, lest you wonder!). I’m a Westie Champion!…Retired, of course. My original home was at Wee-Hy-Lynn Westies in Ohio, so I’m a Buckeye by birth…and proud of it! [‘Wolverines’ — hah! … "Wimperines" is more like it!]

It’s been a while now since I was escorted to the care of Mr. & Mrs. Heilman by Mrs. McCutcheon & Son (doubtless with deep regrets, and, I might add, serious reservations!), and I’m still pondering whether to reconsider my consent to this placement. I understand that it was time for my so-called-‘owner’ to act responsibly as a breeder by stopping my periodic breeding cycle and allowing me to enjoy my remaining half-dozen-or-so years of life in the care of evidently-caring Westie-lovers; however, I’m also questioning the wisdom of Beth and Chris in exiling me to Herron, Michigan [where the h*** is that?! … see "Our Home" for a map].

Nonetheless, I’m reasonably happy here (considering the circumstances)—one among only three Westies and, of course, the apple of my Daddy’s eye! — I’m sure he likes me best, because he feeds me first, he pets me most, and he knows I’m The One, The Finest, The Bestest Westie!

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