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Government-    Information on the organization of Westmont Borough

History-    Westmont Borough History, also important phone numbers and facts

Meeting Schedule-   Listing of Borough Meetings

General Information-   General Information for Borough Residents.

Recycling & Garbage CollectionInformation about Recycling & Garbage Collection.

Permits-    Information on Permit Requirements.

Officials-    Borough Officials and Members of Boards and Commissions.

Trees-    Information on Borough Owned Trees and the Commemorative Tree Program.

Public Works-    Information of the Westmont Borough Public Works Department.

Fire Department-   Information on the Westmont Fire Department.

Ambulance-    Information on the Hilltop Ambulance Association.

Police-    Information on the West Hills Regional Police Department.

Mound-  Information on the New Playground at the Westmont Mound.

Transit-    Information on the Cambria County Transit Authority.

Memorial Day-    Pictures of the 2002 Memorial Day Parade & Service.

West Nile Virus-  Information about the West Nile Virus.


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