Here is a list of companies I have called who have admitted that in all likelihood their food products contain bioengineered ingredients. I’ve included some of their toll-free number customer service if you wish to call yourself. The wait time was very short for most of the companies called. These phone numbers are listed on the products packaging.

Aurora Foods/Duncan Hines – 1-800-362-9834

Bestfoods/Unilever/CPC International -  1-800-338-8831

Cambells – 1-800-257-8443

Continental Mills/Krusteaz 1-800-457-7744

General Mills- 1-800-446-1898

Hershey Foods Corp– 1-800-468-1714

Keebler (owned by Kelloggs but with different customer service number) 1-877-453-5837

Kellogg’s- 1-800-962-0052


Kroger/Ralphs Grocery

Sargento- 1-800-243-3737 Does not process their own cheeses, but purchases from suppliers who may use
rBST (Bovine growth hormone)

Snyder Hanover Pretzels –has an organic line of product, so if package is not marked organic, then product will have GMO ingredients.

Quaker Oats Company – 1-800-234-6281  note:Oats are not currently bioengineered

Del Monte/Contadina/S&W –