How Small Farmers Are Affected by Bioengineered Crops

The purveyors of bioengineered seeds would have us believe that all farmers are flocking to this revolutionary new product of theirs and that the farmers are loving all the advantages and claims laid out by the industry. Large, industrial farmers may see a money saving advantage in using bioengineered seed (big farmers typically save $10 - $20 per acre in pesticide/herbicide costs over thousands of acres,) since their primary mode of operation is a no-till method that replaces the human workforce with chemicals. However,  the small, and family farmer is at a distinct disadvantage.

For instance, if your farm is located next to a grower of Roundup-Ready® crops, your crops are in danger of destruction due to herbicide drift when your neighbor sprays his crops "over-the-top". Or how about pollen drift from bioengineered crops contaminating your organic farm. And if your crops are contaminated, you run the risk of lawsuits from the corporate owners of the bioengineered seed since you would be "using" their product without a contract. The corporations "own" the genetic material that is free flying around in the environment.

By now, you're starting the get the picture of just how unfair and dangerous corporate ownership of genetic material really is.  Support your local small farmer. Go to farmers markets, talk to the people who grow the produce. Get intimate with your food and take a stand against the corporate take-over of our food supply.

The following links further explain, in greater detail, farmer's concerns on bioengineered crops:

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