June 14, 2002

99 Cent Only Store
4000 E Union Pacific Road
City of Commerce, CA 90023
Attn: Jeff Gold
Re: 1190 E. Carson St in Long Beach

Dear Mr. Gold,

It has come to our attention that you are planning to open a 99 Cent Only Store at the above referenced location in Long Beach. As close area residents, we strongly oppose to your store coming into our neighborhood, and can promise you that our household will not patronize your establishment for the following reasons.

1) A full-service grocery store would better serve our community needs at 1190 E Carson St, because we have many residents who must walk to get their groceries, and the other markets in the vicinity are too far away for walking.
2) Currently, there are two similar discount stores in the immediate area located at 4100 Orange Ave and at 3630 Atlantic. We donít need a third such store.
3) You also have a 99 Cent Only Store located within a mile of the proposed new location. Truly more of the same is not needed nor wanted.

The 8th District councilmember, Rob Webb, as well as the 7th District Cal Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association support this protest, and have worked hard with local residents to improve the neighborhoods and to attract desirable businesses to the local area.  Trader Joe's has been a great success story of local residents getting involved and helping to bring quality businesses to the district.  The store you propose is not desirable nor has the quality that we want in our back yard.

It is our sincere desire that you retract your plans for a 99 Cent Only Store at 1190 E. Carson St. LB.

Thank you,