Garrick's Pipes Page

My favorite pipes are Castello shape 56, which are straight bulldogs. However, I only collect them in the 'squat' shape. In other pipes, I generally prefer bents. I also have a collection of 15 Comoy's Christmas pipes, but rarely smoke them.

These are pics of some of my pipes:

Castello Bulldogs

Other Italian Pipes

Other Pipes

My favorite tobaccos are Virginia/Perique mixtures, but I smoke a variety of tobaccos, though very few aromatics. These are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Saint James Woods (McClelland)
Escudo (A&C Peterson)
Beacon (PCCA)
Anniversary (McClelland)
Christmas Cheer (McClelland)
Dark Star (McClelland)
Blue Note (Dan Pipe)
Standard Mixture Medium (Dunhill)
Penzance (Esoterica)
Arcadia (McClelland)

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