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Last Update: 9/11/02

New Content Announcement 9/17/02

Ten 55 Ton Hoppers Released

Using Randall White's brand new USRA 55 ton open hopper model, ten new hoppers have left Brewster Shops. Five different railroads are represented with one loaded hopper and one empty, each with different road numbers. Akron Canton & Youngstown, Baltimore & Ohio, Nickel Plate Road, Pittsburgh & West Virginia, and Wabash are the five roads the hoppers are available in. Each car was repainted using photos of HO scale hoppers either by Accurail or Athearn. 


New Content Announcement 9/11/02

Illinois Central SW7s Released

Out of the hole and onto the main, our latest releases are now available from the Download Station! Two new SW7s in Illinois Central livery have been released. The first is painted in the Green Diamond scheme from the 1960's, while the second is from the Illinois Central Gulf era of the 1980's. Both models are SP3 compliant, contain homemade ART files and require Paint Shed to work. Now available from the Auran Download Station and ready to be put to work in your yard. 

New Content Announcement 9/4/02

NKP Caboose and IAIS C420 Released

We are happy to announce our two latest creations, a Nickel Plate Road 1000-series caboose and an Iowa Interstate C420. The caboose uses Fred Horne's 3D model, while the C420 uses JoshEH's 3D work. The C420 is painted using pictures of the real locomotive and the caboose uses some elements straight from photos. Both models are SP3 compliant and contain homemade ART files. Grab them from the download station NOW! 



New Content Announcement 8/30/02

GP38's - Illinois Collection

NKP Bay Window Caboose

Now that the issues with Paint Shed, SP3 and Content Dispatcher 2 seem to be worked out, all of our work will now be available from the Auran Download Station. The "Illinois Collection" of GP38's includes Gulf Mobile & Ohio, Gateway Eastern, Illinois Central, and 2 Chicago South Shore units and is now available. The NKP caboose is done using photo textures and is also available now! Collect the whole set!!! 

NEW FEATURE: Clicking on the "Downloads" link on this page will now take you directly to all of my downloads at the Download Station. 


"In The Hole" as of 9/17/02

Here's a look at what will be available soon from Brewster Shops.

One current project is converting some first generation Paint Shed SW7's to work with the new version of PS. As some may know, the entire mapping of the model was changed in the new version so it is taking a little work to correct this on the old models. Once finished, there will be three Indiana Harbor Belt paint schemes available (basic black, black on orange, and orange on black).

Next on our list of projects is one for Todd Picha (UPRR). He has requested some SD40s in MKT John Deere scheme and we hope to have them finished by the end of this week. And since there's more to the Katy than SD40s, we're going to make GP38s and F7s as well as SW7s all in MKT Green and Yellow and a few in MKT Red.

Prjindigo is working on a series of EMD units including GP35s and SD35s and many variants on these two locomotives. Once released, we plan to paint up many of these beasts.

We are now experimenting with Paint Shed templates so expect to see some interesting new paint schemes here at Brewster Shops very soon(tm).


Brewster Shops Overview

We at Brewster plan to produce prototypically accurate models for midwestern US and eastern US railroads, particularly the Nickel Plate Road. While we are not a commercial entity, nor are we professionals, our goal is to provide quality products for FREE download. We desire for our work to be free to anyone who would like to use it and will do everything in our power to ensure that you will be able to use everything available from us for free. I'm gonna type FREE one more time, just to make sure :)