Future Plans

Last Update: 9/4/02

Brewster Shops Future Projects

The projects we are considering for the future are repaints and construction of (using gmax) freight and passenger cars, and locomotives for the Nickel Plate Road and neighboring railroads. Layouts and modelling groups are other directions we would like to go with Trainz. Below is an overview of what we are looking into.

Brewster Shops Freight Car Plan

Our first freight car projects were a part of the V&O Project and were pre-SP3. We have made a covered hopper, open hopper, 40' box and caboose for the V&O, two 40' boxes, open hopper and two cabeese for the Midland Road, and a 50' express reefer for the Virginia Midland. When Auran releases the new models for these cars, we will re-release them for SP3.

As for Nickel Plate Road rolling stock, the 50' box will probably follow the 40', as well as the flatcar. Other than those, no freight cars that the Nickel Plate owned are available in the initial release of Trainz. Whitepass has created a 55 ton open hopper that we will make good use of in the near future. We have painted Fred Horne's caboose into NKP colors and that is now available from the DS. Cars that would be of use to us are 35' covered hoppers, 42' stock cars, 40' reefers,  and 41' open hopper cars.

We have some ideas on how to alter the 40' boxcar to turn into a stock car and a reefer. Experiments will follow and if they turn out to be of an acceptable level of quality, they will be released. 

Brewster Shops Locomotive Plan

Since none of the locomotives available in the initial release were owned by the Nickel Plate Road, our locomotive painting will be delayed until Auran or a third party releases a unit once owned by the NKP. 

The diesel units that the NKP owned were: 

EMD models NW-2, SW-1, SW-7, SW-9, GP-7, GP-9, GP-18, GP-30, GP-35, and SD-9; 

Alco models S-2, S-3, S-4, PA-1, RSD-12, RS-3, RS-11, C420, and RS-36; 

Baldwin units DS4-4-1000 and AS16; 

Fairbanks-Morse units H10-44 and H12-44; 

and Lima units 1000 hp and 1200 hp.

It is very probable that the Baldwin, F-M, and Lima locomotives will never be produced for Trainz, as very few railroads ever owned them. Most of the EMD and Alco units however should be available over the course of time. As high quality 3-D models of these engines are released, expect to find them here in Nickel Plate paint, as well as other liveries. Thanks to the hard work of Josh Harvey, we now have an Alco C420 in Nickel Plate Paint!!! Thanks Josh!!! Get it Here

We have found the Paint Shed GP38 and SW7 easy to paint, so we have released them in multiple road names. Look for Illinois Central motive power in multiple liveries and other Illinois railroads .

Brewster Shops Passenger Car Plan

The NKP owned few lightweight passenger cars, with most of their passenger equipment being holdovers from the days of steam. These heavyweight cars were painted Pullman Green with the Nickel Plate Road script in yellow.

Once 3-D models of these heavyweights are created, look forward to seeing them in NKP paint. All head-end traffic on the NKP traveled in these heavyweights, as the road never purchased lightweight baggage or mail cars. 


Wheeling & Lake Erie Extension

The first extended layout produced by Brewster will be an Appalachian railroad based on the idea of what could have been had the NKP expanded beyond Wheeling, WV and into the coal fields of West Virginia. We hope to re-create Allegheny railroading at its best by building a scenic line through the mountains of West Virginia. 

The focus of this route will be coal hauling, but there will be plenty of light industrial work for the locals around the towns on the line. Operating interchanges with other railroads will be implemented and staging yards on either end of the line will simulate off-layout destinations. We hope to make this an exciting and impressive layout to operate on, as well as to capture the feel of mountain railroading. 

Central Illinois

Our second major layout endeavor will give a taste of the midwest, moving grain and coal across the plains of central Illinois. Bridge traffic will play an important role on this railroad, as it does on most midwestern lines. The idea of this route is to recreate the feel of the Illinois Central or the Nickel Plate's Cloverleaf Division from Fort Wayne, IN to St. Louis, MO. Wide open plains with long tangents of straight track will dominate this line. Most industries will be located in small "one-horse" towns along the line.

Switching Layouts

Small layouts a baseboard or two in size will be released. The themes will mostly be urban, but some will be yards, others will be one large industry. The idea of these "modules" is to provide easy additions to existing layouts, or create interesting switching scenarios in a small space. Some of these will be our testing ground for new techniques and ideas. All of our modules are free to be included in your own layout, altered, or whatever else you would like to do. If they appear for download on the 'net as a component of a larger layout or in an altered state, please credit us in the readme file. 

Trainz Online

This is a future feature of Trainz that we at Brewster are extremely excited about. We will be active participants in the Online community and hope to start our own club. Brewster will have some sort of layout online, depending on how the online feature is set up. We would like to create a layout based on the Nickel Plate and operate it with all of our products as well as those from other sources. Updates to Online will come as the specs are announced. Rest assured that if you are a Nickel Plate Road fan and own Trainz, you will be very excited about our plans once we know more.