V&O Project

Last Update: 9/4/02

Marc Nelson of 3dtrains.com is working on recreating the famous Virginian & Ohio model railroad in Trainz. We at Brewster have volunteered our resources to help with this project. Currently Marc has constructed the railroad from Clintwood to Elm Grove and has created original scenery objects for this section of the line. 

The cars we have produced thusfar have all been pre-SP3. We will re-release them for SP3 once we get the 3D models from Auran. Watch for V&O locos and rolling stock in the near future. Planned models are GP38, SD40, SW7 and F7.

We are doing research into creating equipment for other famous model railroads. The Ohio Southern, Ohio Michigan and South Shore, Maumee Lines, Utah Belt, Missouri Kansas & Quincy, and the Sunset Valley are some that come to mind. If you have any requests (especially requests WITH photos), contact us at the email link.