Acoustic Nights

Recorded: June/April 1993
Format: Cd-r copy
Artwork: None
Source: Soundboard
Quality: Perfect

Recorded live in London, June 23 1993
  1. Feeding Frenzy
  2. The Dead Heart
  3. My Country
  4. Blue Sky Mine
  5. Sell My Soul
  6. Truganini
  7. Warakurna
  8. Short Memory
  9. Beds Are Burning
  10. Earth And Sun And Moon
Recorded live in New York, April 16 1993
  1. Sell My Soul
  2. Blue Sky Mine
  3. In The Valley
  4. Beds Are Burning
  5. Truganini
Comments: Acoustic. Tracks 1-10 are the Ronnie Scott's acoustic show from London (23 Jun 1993). Tracks 11-15 were recorded in New York City at MTV Unplugged. This cd has excellent sound quality and is very energetic.
The first part of this cd is the same recording as Blue Sky Red Earth, only more between-song commentary can be heard. This sounds to me to be a more complete recording of the concert, whereas Blue Sky Red Earth is an nicely edited version with more songs and less talking.

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