Bootleg Quality Rating System

A++ Amazing quality. Full, rich sound with no crowd noise. VERY few audience recordings will be categorized as this, as it is reserved for the exceptional recording. 
A+ Great sound, little crowd interference and little or no background noise or distortion. Very easy to listen to on a regular basis, but will still sound like an audience recording (drums may have that tell-tale "thud" to them). Due to the fact that the quality of equipment used in older recordings just wasn't that good, there won't bee too many categorized at this level pre-1986
A Still excellent sound, but with minor flaws. May not be equalized quite right, or might have a little background hiss.
A- Pretty good, but it may be too distant, have a little too much crowd / background noise.
B+ Quite listenable, but generally thin sounding, some background noise or too much crowd. 
B Listenable, but overall not that great sounding. Probably sounds distant, has background noise, or has too much audience interference from time to time.
B- Still somewhat listenable, but other noises are distracting from the music.
C+ Some distortion or extra background noise. Not something you'd listen to more than a few times, but still might want to have it.
C Increased distortion, background noise, lack of music or way too much crowd noise.
C- Listening to white noise at 110db would be less painful than listening to this!  Die-hards ONLY!!!

A++ good or NEARLY as good as a commercial release...just doesn't get any better than this! 
A+ Superb sound. Crisp, clear, well balanced sound. Although it's EXCELLENT, there may be minor flaws such as tape edits or some small glitches in the recording that will downgrade it.
A Still really good sound, but may have slight hiss or other background noise.
A- Pretty good, but may have prominent hiss and/or a "flat" sound.
B+ Decent, but nothing great. Could have too much hiss, thin or unbalanced sound, distorted, etc.. 
B Still OK, but it's not something you would want to "crank up" due to the fact that there is just enough hiss or distortion that's starting to drown out the music.
B- Listenable, but not that great, but there is additional hiss or distortion that distract from the music.
C+ Barely listenable. Excessive distortion, hiss or dropouts are likely.
C Not very listenable. Excessive distortion, hiss or dropouts are more prominent than the music itself.
C- This is a soundboard?!?!...Die-hards ONLY. You've been warned.

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