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The following are items that we are interested in purchasing.  Please email us at if you have a match.  I can arrange removal.

  1. Used Baby Grand piano.  A Bosendorfer (ideal choice) or a Yamaha (next choice) is perfect.

  2. Marshall amplifier... 100 watt head and separate cabinets preferred.

  3. Used Rohn 25G/ 55G/ 65G tower sections.  Can remove existing installations.

  4. One BIG self supporting 4-leg cell tower.  120 feet tall min.  20 feet wide at the base min.

  5. Hy-gain LJ-105/ LJ-155/ LJ-204/ LJ-205/ TH6/ TH7 antennas and parts.  I want these for parts to make new antennas.

  6. Andrew LDF-4/5/6/7-50 Heliax.  New odd lengths from installs, surplus, etc.  NO USED HELIAX!

  7. Andrew LDF4-75 Heliax.  New, odd lengths, or full rolls.

  8. Surplus spools of #16, #14, or #12 wire.  Anything is ok.  Its going into the ground as radials.


  1. Plate Transformer.  Wilcox.  1670 VCT secondary at 0.78A CCS.  Primary has taps for 220, 230, 240 V.  Full wave bridge gives 2340VDC.  Was used in Collins equipment.  Weighs 40 lbs.  1300W CCS, 1960W ICAS.  Good physical shape; dusty. $50 plus shipping.  Email me with any questions you have about this transformer.

2.  Heathkit SB220 in almost perfect condition.  Pictures on request. $600.

3.  Collins HF-8023 Amplifier and power supply, cables, manual, etc.  $1500.

4.  Yaesu 736-R in excellent condition.  Has 50 Mhz module installed (in addition to the usual 2M and 70cm).  $950.

5.  Icom 781 Xcvr.  This was my primary radio until the recent purchase of an Icom 7800.  Great condition.  $2500.

6.  AH-4 antenna tuner.  Has cable attached for a 706.  $150.

7.  THREE Drake T4X-C and R4-C lines.  One complete line at $600.



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