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Some questions that i hope you want to know the answers to, because these are the ones i've chosen to answer

bullet Who is woodelph?

First of all, it's "woodelf", not "Woodelf" and certainly not "woodelph". however, someone beat me to that handle on @Home, and this was the closest i could find.

So, to answer the question, woodelf doesn't exist, but is merely a 'Net construct, my presence online.

bullet That was informative. Howabout some actual information?

I suppose you're really wondering who the person behind the mask (or construct, as the case may be) is. (well, maybe not, but then you should've skipped this section as uninteresting self-aggrandizement). I'm a recently-graduated student with a degree in Folklore from UW (Madison). I'm still not happy with the transition to the working world (not enough variety in schedule or activities), but i'd put it off about as long as i could. I took the scenic route through school: 7 years fulltime (plus some summers); 198 credits for my B.A. In the process, i came -->this<-- close to a Physics degree, pursued Environmental Science, took more math than anyone should, and thought about degrees in Philosophy, Psychology, Women's Studies, and Graphic Design. I just love to learn--i've yet to meet a topic that didn't interest me, at least for a bit. And if i can't be learning, i want to at least be teaching.

Other than RPGs [just poke around this site and you'll see why i don't say more right here about the roleplaying], my other loves are dancing and music in general. Bassoon, viola, and recorder are my primary instruments, but lately i've been dabbling in Afro-brazilian and African drumming. I'm generally playing in an orchestra, concert band, early music ensemble, and a couple small (classical) ensembles at any given time, and maybe something else, or two. My latest musical projects are trying to hollow a log for a drum (advice welcome) and tracking down bamboo large enough to make a didgeridoo (and then learning circular breathing). I'm interested in pretty much any sort of music out there, the more unusual the better. I'll also take pretty much any kind of music that i can dance to. Ballroom is my first choice, but i'll take swing, latin, contra, international folk--you name it. I'll even do nightclubs, though the smoke, and sometimes the men, really get to me, so that's only a last resort. And if i can't dance to it, i'll just enfold myself in the rapture of the music, and listen.

bullet So what do you do with yourself?

A bit of this, a bit of that. i used to get all my work as a computer geek, but a new manager at my job didn't like me (or the rest of the staff--we lost something like 56 out of 60 student employees in the month after she took over, mostly quit, some fired), and ever since i've been effectively blackballed from any Division of Information Technology jobs--which means just about any job around here that would enable me to keep up-to-date-enough to be eligible for an off-campus computer job. That, and if the only non-programming [i can barely program my way out of a paper bag] computer jobs to be found are Windows-related, i'd rather not have a computer job. I'd rather be delivering pizzas (my current job) than have to put up with Windows (of any flavor). In the past few years i've delivered pizzas, repaired books, and repaired leather goods. Right now, i'm trying to break into carpentry for a more-permanent job.

I also spend quite a bit of my time involved with RPGs. mostly informal writing here and on UseNet, but i did write a section of the Wraith Players' Guide (for Wraith: the Oblivion by WWGS) and i'm currently working on Aria 2nd Edition, with about a dozen other people.

bullet OK, that was almost interesting. Tell me more.

My personal specialty in life and role-playing games is metaphysics. I like to step back and take a look at reality, and figure out if there's a better way to run it. With life, it's just an exercise in problem-solving. With role-playing games, i actually get to do something about it. Also, i think that reality is a very important thing to define; it tends to affect just about everything else. To this end, i've mused on and played with the realities of a couple of commercial game systems. For starters, i've completely reworked the magic system for AD&D. I'd even make the modest claim that it almost makes sense now. I've also played with adapting Ars Magica to reflecting the openness of AD&D. I'm working on some things to make Mage more fun.

Finally, i'm working on several independent projects, two of which i can't tell you about. But i can tell you that i hope to one day do up Mythic Africa to expand the world of Ars Magica, and i'm really hoping to finally flesh out the setting of the Galactic Network--i think that (as well as the 2 secret ones) might even have some market value. In the meantime, i'm trying to read, play, and review as many RPGs as i can, both for my own edification and to give a bit back to the gaming community and industry.

bulletAnything else i should know?

According to Myers-Briggs i'm an xNFP--sometimes i test as an INFP, and once as an ENFP, but usually right in the middle, and that's what i identify with best in any case. According to the "Platinum Rule" i'm a Relater. and according to the Enneagram, i'm either a My Life Philosophy:

I have ferrets!. I like to bike--it's my primary means of transportation 10 months of the year, and endlessly enjoyable. I had cars for a few years, but they're just more trouble than they're worth. LEGOs rule! um, i think that's about it.

bulletjust what the heck are
<---these things, anyway?

Those were bullets. Then they got all self-important and carried away with themselves, and now they're a little over the top.

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