IV: Abilities

Abilities marked with an asterisk are changed or new, and detailed below. You may not spend points on Arcane, Divine, Exceptional, Psionic, or Racial Talents; Arcane, Academic, Exceptional, Psionic, or Racial Skills; or Arcane, Exceptional, Formal, Racial, or Spellcasting Knowledges unless you have an appropriate Virtue.

A new type of Ability has been introduced: the Bonus Ability. Normally, you may only use one Ability at a time when attempting something. However, a Bonus Ability may be used with another Ability. You may even use several Bonus Abilities at once. Bonus Abilities are marked in the Ability lists, and their descriptions, by a plus (+) before their name.

Abilities whose only changes were to make them Bonus Abilities or move them to a different category are not listed below.