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Spell listing

4conFOR2 Acid bolt(con)
4evo200 Acid bolts(evo)
4necFR10 Agitate wounds(nec)
4altFRB Archveult's Skybolt(alt)
4alt211 Argasterıs Cloak of Shadows
4con148 Arnvid's Unseen Limb(con)
4evoFR13 At'ar's Fire(evo)
4cha/enchFR4 Backlash(cha/ench)
4necFOR2 Backlash(nec)
4conFOR3 Ball lightning(con)
4evo200 Bands of ice(evo)
4enchOA Bargain(ench)
4necFR Beltyn's Burning Blood(nec)
4evoGA Bigby's Battering Gauntlet
4evoGA Bigby's Construction Crew
4evoGA Bigby's Force Sculpture
4conFR Caligarde's Claw(con)
4chaPH Charm monster(cha)
4chaFR10 Command elementals(cha)
4cha/enchPH Confusion(cha/ench)
4conBH Conjure cabinet(con)
4sumALQ,FR13 Conjure sand lion(sum)
4necPH Contagion(nec)
4invOA Dancing blade(inv)
4altMD Dancing Weapon
4cha/phan213 Despair
4divPH Detect scrying(div)
4evoPH Dig(evo)
4magTM Dilation I(mag)
4altPH Dimension door(alt)
4phanUA Dispel exhaustion(phan)
4abjOA Dispel illusion(abj)
4nec90 Disrupt undead(nec)
4magTM Divination enhancement(mag)
4conGA Drawmij's Handy Timepiece
4alt/conGA Drawmij's Instant Exit
4abjGA Drawmij's Protection from Non-magical Gas
4conGA Drawmij's Tool Box
4invOA Dream vision*(inv)
4conFR10 Dune(con)
4conWH Duplicate(con)
4abjOA Elemental turning(abj)
4chaPH Emotion(cha)
4alt/nec148 Empath(alt/nec)
4enchPH Enchanted weapon(ench)
4phanFR,92,FRB Encrypt(phan)
4necPH Enervation(nec)
4altALQ Enhance fire creature*(alt)
4conPH Evard's Black Tentacles(con)
4altPH Extension I(alt)
4alt/ench181 Familiar enhancer III(alt/ench)
4magTM Far reaching II(mag)
4phanPH Fear(phan)
4abjWH Fire aura(abj)
4cha/enchPH Fire charm(cha/ench)
4altFR Fire gate(alt)
4alt/evoPH Fire shield(alt/evo)
4abj/evoPH Fire trap(abj/evo)
4evoFR4 Firebrand(evo)
4abj/alt196 Fistandantilusıs Firequench(abj/alt)
4evoMD Forcelash
4enchPH Fumble(ench)
4evo181 Geirdorn's Grappling Grasp(evo)
4conALQ Ghost rigging(con)
4altWW Giant strength II(alt)
4enchTM Greater malison(ench)
4div140 Greater vision(div)
4inv92,FRB Hailcone(inv)
4illPH Hallucinatory terrain(ill)
4abj/conWH Halo of eyes(abj/con)
4evoPH Ice storm(evo)
4div184 Identify race
4illPH Illusionary wall(ill)
4abjFR,92,FRB Ilyykur's Mantle(abj)
4illPH Improved invisibilty(ill)
4alt/evo181 Laeral's Aqueous Column(alt/evo)
4cha/ench127 Lapse(cha/ench)
4alt/enchPH Leomund's Secure Shelter(alt/ench)
4abj/inv/phan185 Lesser spelldream(abj/inv/phan)
4nec148 Life force transfer(nec)
4alt/evo203 Lightning shield
4divTM Locate creature(div)
4ench/divPH Magic Mirror(ench/div)
4abj/altWW Mana orb(abj/alt)
4necTM Mask of death(nec)
4altPH Massmorph(alt)
4invOA Melt metal(inv)
4evo100,FRB Merald's Murderous Mist(evo)
4ill/phanPH Minor creation(ill/phan)
4abj/magPH Minor globe of invulnerability(abj/mag)
4magTM Minor spell turning(mag)
4illALQ Mirage wall(ill)
4altFR Missile Mastery(alt)
4sumPH Monster summoning II(sum)
4magTM Mordenkainen's Celerity
4evoGA Mordenkainen's Electric Arc
4sumGA Mordenkainen's Faithful Phantom Shield Maidens
4abjGA Mordenkainen's Protection from Slime
4evoGA Nystul's Blacklight Burst
4sumGA Nystul's Grue Conjuration
4evoGA Nystul's Lightburst
4alt124 Odeen's Impenetrable Lock(alt)
4dyn211 Othnalıs Spectral Dagger
4alt/invPH Otiluke's Resilient Sphere(alt/inv)
4evoGA Otiluke's Steaming Sphere
4cha/enchGA Otto's Drums of Despair*
4cha/enchGA Otto's Silver Tongue
4altGA Otto's Tin Soldiers
4chaGA Otto's Tonal Attack
4chaGA Otto's Warding Tones
4phanPH Phantasmal killer(phan)
4alt140 Phase shift(alt)
4altFR,92,FRB Phase trap(alt)
4ill/phanFR Plague(ill/phan)
4altPH Plant growth(alt)
4altPH Polymorph other(alt)
4altPH Polymorph self(alt)
4abj/altP60(P) Protection from corrosives(alt/abj)
4alt/psiDS Psionic dampener(alt/psi)
4div140 Psychic impressions(div)
4enchOA Quell(ench)
4alt/ill/phanPH Rainbow pattern(alt/ill/phan)
4chaGA Rary's Memory Alteration
4divGA Rary's Mind Scan
4magPH Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer(mag)
4magGA Rary's Spell Enhancer
4altDS Raze(alt)
4ench/inv/mag136 Recharge(ench/inv/mag)
4abjPH Remove curse*(abj)
4altOA Reverse flow*(alt)
4necFR13 Sand healing(nec)
4invALQ Sandcone(inv)
4altFOR3 Sargasso(alt)
4ill/phanPH Shadow monsters(ill/phan)
4ill/phan181 Shadow skeleton(ill/phan)
4invALQ Shatterhull(inv)
4alt/evoWW Shocking web(alt/evo)
4invPH Shout(inv)
4alt162 Sinuous Horrors(alt)
4chaFR10 Slumber(cha)
4alt100,FRB Smoke ghost(alt)
4altPH Solid fog(alt)
4evoSJR1 Spark Burst(evo)
4evoFR Spectral wings(evo)
4evoMD Spell Fangs
4necFR,FRB Spendelard's Chaser(nec)
4abj/alt/ill211 Sphere of eyes
4evoDK Spider strand*(evo)
4altPH Stoneskin(alt)
4altFOR2 Stop(alt)
4altALQ Strengthen water creature*(alt)
4sumTM Summon lycanthrope(sum)
4evoALQ Sunfire(evo)
4evo/illALQ Sunwarp(evo/ill)
4altGA Tenser's Flaming Blade
4altGA Tenser's Giant Strength
4altGA Tenser's Master at Arms
4altGA Tenser's Running Warrior
4altGA Tenser's Staff of Smiting
4alt/invTM There/Not There(alt/inv)
4invTM Thunder staff(inv)
4evoFR,92,FRB Thunderlance(evo)
4alt/nec Torture(alt/nec)
4alt/ench/magWW Transfer spell(alt/ench/mag)
4cha/enchOA Transfix(cha/ench)
4altDS Transmute sand to stone*(alt)
4alt/divFRB Tulrun's Tracer(alt/div)
4altTM Turn pebble to boulder*(alt)
4abj140 Turn undead(abj)
4cha/evoTM Unluck(cha/evo)
4alt/phanPH Vacancy(alt/phan)
4evo162 Vampire Mist(evo)
4invOA Vengeance(inv)
4evoPH Wall of fire(evo)
4evoPH Wall of ice(evo)
4evoFR Wall of sand(evo)
4evoFR,97,FRB Watchware(evo)
4magMD Weave Mythal
4evoALQ,FR13 Wind blade(evo)
4evoWH Wind breath(evo)
4altPH Wizard eye(alt)

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