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Spell listing

7evo/invTM Acid storm(evo/inv)
7alt/nec162 Amorphous Blob(alt/nec)
7magTM Augmentation III(mag)
7abjPH Banishment(abj)
7evoPH Bigby's Grasping Hand(evo)
7evo200 Bloodstars(evo)
7necTM Bloodstone's Frightful Joining(nec)
7conOA Body outside body(con)
7alt/evo164 Bone Javelin(alt/evo)
7sumUA Cacodemon(sum)
7cha/enchPH Charm plants(cha/ench)
7alt181 Chromatic blade(alt)
7divOA Commune with greater spirit(div)
7sumDK Conjure greater elemental*(sum)
7necPH Control undead(nec)
7enchSJ Create major helm(ench)
7altALQ Create shade(alt)
7ench/invALQ Create soundstaff(ench/inv)
7evoPH Delayed blast fireball(evo)
7div139 Discern(div)
7necDS Doom legion(nec)
7evo196 Dragon breath(evo)
7magMD Draincone
7conPH Drawmij's Instant Summons(con)
7altPH Duo-dimension(alt)
7dyn/evo203 Electric bow
7cha/sumOA Elemental servant(cha/sum)
7alt/ench181 Familiar enhancer VI(alt/ench)
7necPH Finger of death(nec)
7evo187 Flame chase(evo)
7evoPH Forcecage(evo)
7altFR Gemjump(alt)
7altWW Giant strength V(alt)
7alt/ench/evoTM Hatch the stone from the egg(alt/ench/evo)
7evo/sumOA Ice blight*(evo/sum)
7altP63 Incendiary entrapment(alt)
7mag/necTM Intensify summoning(mag/nec)
7abjFR Khelben's Warding Whip(abj)
7necALQ Lifeproof*(nec)
7con/evo/invPH Limited wish (con/evo/inv)
7evoTM Malec-Keth's Flame Fist(evo)
7alt/div166 Manor's Mind Vision(alt/div)
7illPH Mass invisibility(ill)
7ill/phanDLA Mindspin(ill/phan)
7invWW Mine(inv)
7sumPH Monster summoning V(sum)
7alt/conPH Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion(alt/con)
7altGA Mordenkainen's Penultimate Cogitation
7evoPH Mordenkainen's Sword(evo)
7abj/nec164 Negative Plane Protection(abj/nec)
7cha/ench/invOA Obedience(cha/ench/inv)
7alt/evoGA Otiluke's Death Screen
7evoGA Otiluke's Fire and Ice
7evoGA Otiluke's Siege Sphere
7altPH Phase door(alt)
7conPH Power word, stun(con)
7alt/dynP63 Prismal's Reversal(alt/dyn)
7conPH Prismatic spray(con)
7inv/psiP62(P) Psionic barrier(inv/psi)
7div/psiP62 Psionic Tracer(div/psi)
7nec/psiP62 Psychic drain(nec/psi)
7divGA Rary's Plane Truth
7necOA Reanimation(nec)
7alt/ench/inv/mag163 Rebinding(alt/ench/inv/mag)
7abj/nec164 Repel Undead(abj/nec)
7abjFR10 Resist injury(abj)
7altPH Reverse gravity(alt)
7altFR Ruby ray of reversal(alt)
7altFR13 Sand gems(alt)
7altDK Sands of Time*(alt)
7altDK Semipermanency(alt)
7abj/ill/phanPH Sequester(abj/ill/phan)
7ench/illPH Shadow walk(ench/ill)
7ill/phanTM Shadowcat(ill/phan)
7ill/phanPH Simulacrum(ill/phan)
7evoFR Spectral guard(evo)
7mag140 Spell drain(mag)
7magTM Spell shape(mag)
7abj/magPH Spell turning(abj/mag)
7alt/magFR Spelltrap(alt/mag)
7altPH Statue(alt)
7ench/magTM Steal enchantment(ench/mag)
7ench/mag90,FRB Stealspell(ench/mag)
7alt/necTM Suffocate(alt/nec)
7evoALQ,FR13 Sun stone(evo)
7altPH Teleport without error(alt)
7chaRU The curse of forgetfulness*(cha)
7alt/necFR The Simbul's Synostodweomer(alt/nec)
7altFR10 Time loop(alt)
7alt/nec167 Transmute Bone to Steel*(alt/nec)
7alt/illFR10 Trick(alt/ill)
7alt/enchUA Truename(alt/ench)
7alt/mag90 Unbinding(alt/mag)
7altPH Vanish(alt)
7sumFOR2,FR4 Vipergout
7divPH Vision(div)
7magUA Volley(mag)
7altALQ Water form(alt)
7magMD Weirdshield
7alt187 Wings(alt)
7invOA Withering palm(inv)
7necWH Zombie double(nec)

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