Wizardıs familiars are a summoned animal, permanently bound to the wizardıs very lifeforce. The two lifeforces are intermingled, making both stronger, yet dependent on one another. Thus, if either is killed, the other frequently dies also. This intermingling causes them to share emotions, oftentimes confusing the young or weak-willed wizard. Also, within a mile, either can use the otherıs senses, and communicate in a limited telepathy, about as effectively as a person can communicate with a normal animal. Within sight, perfect mental communication is possible, to the point where some pairs almost lose individual identity. In addition to strengthening the lifeforce (The bond itself can provide up to half the Hit Points of the weaker of the two, provided they are within a mile of each other. These phantom Hit Points are regenerated after a complete nightıs rest.), the bond enables the wizard to use her familiar as sort of an auxiliary mind for storage of spells. A number of spell levels equal to the augmented Intelligence of the familiar may be thus ³memorized.² The bond also enables a wizard to cast extra spells, limited by the levels she can normally cast. Provided the familiar and wizard are within sight of each other, a number of spell levels per day equal to the level of the wizard when the bond was forged may be cast, though this doesnıt grant the ability of extra memorization. Thus, only spells from the extra pool granted by the familiar or high intelligence may thus be utilized.


Priests have no way to call a familiar, but one is often granted to a particularly devout or powerful priest. The abilities and restrictions accompanying it vary with every deity, and perhaps every familiar, so detailing them is impossible. In general, they serve to strengthen the link between the deity and the priest, augmenting granted powers to enforce the deityıs will on Aega.

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