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Spell listing

1inv/magTM Nahal's Reckless Dweomer(inv/mag)
1ill/mag203 Normal aura
2magTM Chaos shield(mag)
2magTM Nahal's Nonsensical Nullifier(mag)
2magTM Sense shifting(mag)
2mag200 Slowspell(mag)
2magWH Vocalize(mag)
3magTM Alacrity(mag)
3magTM Augmentation I(mag)
3magMD Dweomer Vortex
3magTM Far reaching I(mag)
3mag90 Maladweomer*(mag)
3magTM Squaring the circle(mag)
4magTM Dilation I(mag)
4magTM Divination enhancement(mag)
4magTM Far reaching II(mag)
4abj/magPH Minor globe of invulnerability(abj/mag)
4magTM Minor spell turning(mag)
4magTM Mordenkainen's Celerity
4magPH Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer(mag)
4magGA Rary's Spell Enhancer
4ench/inv/mag136 Recharge(ench/inv/mag)
4alt/ench/magWW Transfer spell(alt/ench/mag)
4magMD Weave Mythal
5magTM Augmentation II(mag)
5magTM Far reaching III(mag)
5ench/inv/mag163 Hedge enchantment(ench/inv/mag)
5magTM Hornung's Surge Selector(mag)
5mag211 Jonstalšs Double Wizardry
5magMD Misspell Mantle
5ench/mag200 Mordenkainenšs Involuntary Wizardry(ench/mag)
5magGA Rary's Superior Spell Enhancer
5magTM Safeguarding(mag)
5abj/mag90 Spell shield(abj/mag)
5evo/magTM Vortex(evo/mag)
6alt/mag196 Barrier reaver(alt/mag)
6magTM Dilation II(mag)
6ench/inv/magPH Enchant an item(ench/inv/mag)
6magRU Energy transformation(mag)
6abj/magPH Globe of invulnerability(abj/mag)
6mag211 Jonstalšs Improved Double Wizardry
6alt/magPH Mordenkainen's Lucubration(alt/mag)
6alt/magGA Rary's Urgent utterance
6mag140 Recall spell(mag)
6abj/alt/mag90 Spell reflection(abj/alt/mag)
6magTM Wildshield(mag)
6magTM Wildstrike(mag)
7magTM Augmentation III(mag)
7magMD Draincone
7mag/necTM Intensify summoning(mag/nec)
7alt/ench/inv/mag163 Rebinding(alt/ench/inv/mag)
7mag140 Spell drain(mag)
7magTM Spell shape(mag)
7abj/magPH Spell turning(abj/mag)
7alt/magFR Spelltrap(alt/mag)
7ench/magTM Steal enchantment(ench/mag)
7ench/mag90,FRB Stealspell(ench/mag)
7alt/mag90 Unbinding(alt/mag)
7magUA Volley(mag)
7magMD Weirdshield
8abj/cha/mag139 Block advancement(abj/cha/mag)
8abj/magMD Mystic Shield
8magPH Permanency(mag)
8magFR,100,FRB Spell engine(mag)
8magTM Wildzone(mag)
9cha/mag200 Alamantheršs Return(cha/mag)
9alt/ench/mag213 Create shade
9alt/magMD Draindoom
9magPH Mordenkainen's Disjunction(mag)
9abj/magMD Mystic Sphere
9abj/magFR Spell invulnerability(abj/mag)
9magFR4 Spell ward(mag)
9magFR Spellstrike(mag)
9abj/magTM Stabilize(abj/mag)
9mag200 Tempestcone(mag)
9magTM Wildfire(mag)
9inv/magTM Wildwind(inv/mag)
10alt/magDK Magical plague(alt/mag)

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