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Spell listing

0sumUA Spider(sum)
1sumOA Drowsy insects(sum)
1sumPH Find familiar(sum)
1con/sumPH Mount(con/sum)
1con/sumPH Unseen servant(con/sum)
2sumPH Summon swarm(sum)
3nec/sum140 Call spirit(nec/sum)
3sum123 Fire phantom(sum)
3sumPH Monster summoning I(sum)
3sum187 Searing serpent(sum)
3con/sumFOR3 Wind servant(con/sum)
4sumALQ,FR13 Conjure sand lion(sum)
4sumPH Monster summoning II(sum)
4sumGA Mordenkainen's Faithful Phantom Shield Maidens
4sumGA Nystul's Grue Conjuration
4sumTM Summon lycanthrope(sum)
5alt/sumPH Distance distortion(alt)
5div/sumTM Khazid's Procurement(div/sum)
5sumPH Monster summoning III(sum)
5sumGA Mordenkainen's Faithful Phantom Defenders
5con/sumOA Servant horde(con/sum)
5con/nec/sumPH Summon shadow(con/nec/sum)
6sumPH Conjure animals(sum)
6con/sumPH Conjure elemental(con/sum)
6con/sumPH Ensnarement(con/sum)
6sumPH Invisible stalker(sum)
6sumPH Monster summoning IV(sum)
6sumGA Mordenkainen's Faithful Phantom Guardian
6sumFOR2 Summon Spider(sum)
7sumUA Cacodemon(sum)
7sumDK Conjure greater elemental*(sum)
7cha/sumOA Elemental servant(cha/sum)
7evo/sumOA Ice blight*(evo/sum)
7sumPH Monster summoning V(sum)
7sumFOR2,FR4 Vipergout
8sumOA Call(sum)
8sumPH Monster summoning VI(sum)
8con/sumPH Trap the soul(con/sum)
8sumALQ Unleash monolith(sum)
9con/sumFR10 Army(con/sum)
9con/sumPH Gate(con/sum)
9sumPH Monster summoning VII(sum)
9sumOA Planar call(sum)
9sum/necOA Summon spirit(sum/nec)
10sumDK Enslave elemental(sum)
10sumDK Pact(sum)
10sumDK Recruitment(sum)

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