Some tables and charts for Rumel character generation.

value attributes Talents & Background Aspects Aptitudes Disciplines Renown & Faith
1 0/-10 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1
2 1/-6 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2
3 1/-4 1/3 1/3 1/3 2/4
4 1/-1 1/4 1/4 2/5 2/6
5 1/0 1/5 1/5 2/7 2/8
6 1/1 1/6 2/7 2/9 3/11
7 4/5 1/7 2/9 2/11 3/14
8 5/10 1/8 2/11 3/14 3/17
9 5/15 1/9 2/13 3/17 4/21
10 10/25 1/10 2/15 3/20 4/25
Attribute maximum
Strength (str) start + 3
Manual Dexterity (dex) start + 2
Agility (agil) start + 2
Quickness (qui) start + 2
Endurance (end) start + 4
Hardiness (hard) start + 2
Appearance (app) start + 2
Logic (log) start + 2
Intelligence (iq) start + 2
Perception (per) start + 2
Communication (comm) start + 3
Wisdom (wis) start + 4
Willpower (will) start + 2
Presence (pre) start + 2
Intuition (int) start + 2
Empathy (emp) start + 2
Trait Base Improve? Aspects?
Charisma (cha) AVERAGE(int, will, pre) no no
Faith 0 yes required
Insight 0 * no
Aura Empathy * no
Influence Pool 0 * required
Leverage Pool 0 * required
Renown 0 yes required
*only with Windows of Opportunity during character generation

Primary Facets Sample Aspects
Awareness int per, emp, wis, iq danger, weather sense, direction sense, lip reading, spirit auras
Brawl str agi, end, qui, int fisticuffs, kicks, wrestling, throws
Dodge agi qui, int, wis, iq general, specific types of attacks
Guile cha iq, app, wis,comm friends, enemies, individuals from lower status archetypes, individuals from higher status archetypes, authority figures, cultural figures
Improvisation cha iq, per, comm, app high drama, slapstick, dark humor, specific emotions, specific individuals, specific social figures or types of person, specific classes of society
Influence cha iq, per, wis,comm intimidation, torture, fast talk, flirt, charm, flattery, obsequious diversion
Medium aura emp, int, per, aura hearing spirits, seeing spirits, spirit locator, channelling, old/young spirits, rumel/tree/anaugi spirits, live spirits
Physical agi str, end, qui, dex climbing, swimming, throwing, long distance running, jumping (vertical), leaping (distance), dancing
Physical Adaption per agi, int, qui, wis night fighting, blind fighting, deck fighting and movement, two-handed fighting
Savvy wis int, iq, will, pre flattery, intimidation, cunning, lies, truth, guile, rhetoric, oratory, specific causes beliefs or motivations, forgery
Social Adaption int comm, per, iq, wis streetwise, wother elements of society by class or Status Archetype, individual vocations, other cultures or races
Acrobatics agi qui, str, hard, dex gymnastics, tumbling, contortions, feats of balance, some types of dance
Administration wis iq, log, int, per estate, willage, twn, city, province, nation, organization
Animal Handling will wis, iq, emp, per general handling, herding, driving specific animals or groups of animals; trainging and domestication of specific onimals or groups of animals; grooming; animal medicine
Artisan variable variable woodworking, weaponcrafting, armorer, weaving
Artistic Expression int per, emp, wis, dex painting, drawing, sculpture, carving, writing, poetry, music composition
Bribery cha wis, per, comm, log authority figures, members of a specific organization or social strata, powerful individuals, servants
Call the Waiting Room cha comm, pre, will, emp spirits of particular skills
Craft variable variable navigation, cooking, brewing, campcraft, rope use, gaming, gambling
Diplomacy cha iq, log, wis, comm negotiation, bargaining, arbitration, reconciliation, aggression
Disguise per comm, iq, wis, int specific classes or elements of society, a particular gender or gender group, a specific individual
Elocution cha iq, wis,comm, log passionate (oratory, moral diatribe, rhetoric), rational (sermon, arugment, speech), intellectual (debate, disputation)
Favored Weapon dex per, int, str, agi hafted arms (hatchet, cudgel, staff, flail, hammer), bow, thrown weapons (dart, throwing stick), rope weapons (net, bolas, sling)
Forgery dex per, iq, wis, log painting, carving, sculpture, drawing
Healing wis iq, per, int, dex diagnosis, medicines, medicinal herbs, cauterization, set bones, clean and bind wounds, treat disease, treat poison
Intrigue cha comm, iq, wis, per politics; criminal; specific society, culture, city, town, court, or institution; criminal dealings; gollip; a specific Status Archetype
Leadership cha comm, iq, wis, log military, a specific Status Archetype class or cultural group, individuals, large groups, organizations, entire states or environments
Manipulation dex qui, iq, per, int sleight of hand, segerdemain, petty theft, concealment (on person), pick pockets, set mechanism (lock, trap, other), disarm/crack mechanism (lock, trap, other)
Meditation will emp, wis, iq, int relaxation, centering and concentration, psychological control (resist pain, control fear, etc.), physical recovery
Observation per wis, iq, log, int search (specific terrain type, traps, concealed, hidden), scan (specific terrain type), estimate distance, scout (terrain, climate, etc.), listen, interpret sound (specific type or category)
Performance cha comm, iq, wis, dex acting (comedy, tragedy, monologue, etc.), juggling, narration, recitation, mime, ventriloquism, singing, play instrument, music improvisation
Ritual int iq, dex, agi, end enduring, precision, adapting rituals
Seduction cha app, per, wis, emp specific type of individual, flatterer, good listener, specific social class or personality type, forceful, sensitive
Spiritwrack aura will, pre, cha, emp rumel, anaugi, or tree spirits; torture; destroy
Stealth agi qui, per, wis, int hiding (specific environment), moving silently (specific environment), sneak (in presence of others), stalk (in particular environment), shadow (in crowds)
Tracking per wis, int,iq, log specific creature or vehicle, specific environment, specific climate or weather conditions
Unarmed Combat variable variable specific types, traditions, or forms
Wearing Armor agi str, end, qui, wis specific construction style, a particular form or type
Wilderness per iq, wis, int, agi hunting (specific terrain type), fishing (stream, river, ocean, boat, drift net), trapping (snares, large traps), foraging (specific terrains, plants, herbs, roots, berries and nuts), survival (specific terrain, shelter, fire building), dowsing
Etiquette iq wis, int, comm, iq particular society culture race or species, a particular class of society or status archetype, a specific order or organization, trivia or unique customs
History iq iq, log, wis, int native, social or cultural, technological, specific race or species, legal, specific environment, political, religious, magical
Knowledge iq iq, wis, log, int scienc. (astronomy, math, medicine), heraldry, humanities (fine arts, specific styles or periods), bureaucracy, religion, magic theory, argiculture and husbandry (specific techniques, viticulture), customs (society), law, cartography, mythology, region
Language iq log, wis, int, iq particular dialects, fast speech, impressive vocabulary, colorful phraseology, grammarian
Lore iq iq, wis, int,emp plant, herb, mineral, animal, weather, poison, magic, mythic beasts, ocean, particular climate region or terrain
Military iq iq, wis, log, int tactics (field, unit, specific terrain, formations), strategy (supply and logistics, reconnaissance, engagaement entrance strategies, reserve and baggage)
Politics iq iq, wis, log, int particular area, region, state, culture, or race; segment or class or society; specific organization; history, current affairs, rumor
Research iq iq, wis, log, int investigation, interviews, political