Four Colors al Fresco

A Roleplaying Game of Pulp-Style Superheroes in an Alternate Renaissance

This is now the secondary page for Four Colors al Fresco. The official homepage can be found on The Impossible Dream's website. Eventually, this site will be a maintained mirror of the official one. But for right now it's falling by the wayside, and won't necessarily be updated when the official site is.

Open Material

All of the material in the following links is released under the October Open Game License.

  • The game rules, as a downloadable PDF of the complete game. Includes the rules; the setting, Italia, including several of the more notable Omegas; glossary of terms; and more.
  • The game rules, in an editable format. Currently, this is a mess. Look to see it updated in the next week or so.
  • Quick-start rules. Include a summary of character creation, a brief intro to the mechanics, and abbreviated glossary of terms, (and character creation worksheet and character sheet, as soon as i fix the conflict).
  • Character Sheet
  • Title Sheet
  • Villain Character Sheet
  • Mastermind Character Sheet
  • Glossary of terms, extracted from the main gamebook.
  • More Omegas, that aren't detailed in the main gamebook. Most are mentioned in the gamebook, but a few are new, and we've carefully left some of the ones listed in the gamebook undetailed. None of the links to individual characters on that page work yet.
  • Map of the larger world of Four Colors al Fresco
  • Storypath cards, and other sundry design notes, extracted from the main gamebook.

Closed Material

The following material is copyrighted by various people, and not Open. However, you are free to use it for personal use. We only ask that you respect the copyright, and not redistribute it, but instead point people back here if you wish to share.

Further Info

The following links lead to material hosted on others' sites, which we think may be of use to the players of Four Colors al Fresco. None of this is our work, so other than letting us know of dead links, there's no point in talking to us about any of it.

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