Notable personalities of the Neighborhood of Administrator Ganazou

Administrator Ganazou- (M Hairfoot)
short, even for a hairfoot, with large jowels and a double chin. he appears to about 50, and his eyes show the stress he endures trying to make everyone happy. he generally wears fine though practical clothes of the sort to be expected of a rich merchantıs husband. heıs a jovial man, but dislikes conflict. would prefer that everyone got along, and tends to let others deal with conflicts themselves. he loves children, and traveled with his wife for years just to handle the children for her. he has lived in the large house at the north edge of the neighborhood for nearly four decades, and has seven children, one of whom has left home. he used to be a merchant trading in exotic herbs and spices, and met his wife initially by competing with her on the run from Romalgk to the City. now she mostly runs the business from home, though she occasionally has to make journeys. he was first elected 16 years ago, when the previous Administrator moved away, and has been generally well-liked as such since, though there are occasional complaints that if he were more forceful, more might get done. a very compassionate man, he has difficulty being forceful for fear of hurting someone, and thus is very poor at personally enforcing laws. he also strives for justice when possible, and berates himself for not doing a better job of enforcing. his eyes donıt quite twinkle, but youıre sure they must have when he was younger. wants to get on with the common man, but has an obviously upper-class upbringing. seems like the guy telling jabberwocky.
Bardrin Savelow- apprentice of Trueshaft (M human)
has some contacts still in the guard
Bettina Cyal- apprentice of Trueshaft (F human)
Spider Braz- owner of the Diamond Spider Tavern (M human)
³The Steel Gazelle²- Vishina, dancer (F human 16)
dances at the Diamond Spider Tavern
Mondrin Delain- storyteller (M hobbit)
has a ³permanent² position at the Diamond Spider Tavern
Madam Giera- prostitute (F silvanesti)
Oldest of the brothel prostitutes (about 1050. looks 35). knows about Benata's pimping for Mechanara and resents the competition, but won't snitch on a fellow Madam. gold hair with silver streaks, green eyes, very slender, soft-spoken.
Nio Skywhite- proprietor of Skywhiteıs House of Lavation (F hobbit)
has sister and adopted twins
Kheth- noble (M 1/2-elf) shoulder-length ash-blond hair, brooding brown eyes, usually wears dark brown cowled cloak. grim, taciturn, depressed.
questor and dedicated knight to Tild.
Timothy- tailor (M human)
has wife (Marianne) and 3 daughters (Clarice, Cassandra, Lindora)
have a friendly but mysterious tenant (Clavius) who rents the 3rd floor. he somehow keeps the thieves and extortionists from bothering them
Cassandra- middle daughter of Timothy the tailor
she suspects that Clavius is more than just a dealer in the underworld.
a bit disenchanted with her plain background, she would jump at the chance to become a part of Claviusı lifestyle.
she has seen bits of evidence of Claviusı masquerade as a woman, and is savvy enough to know not to say anything about it.
Khaerann- apothecary (M 1/2-elf) wild, unkempt mop of white hair, gaunt, grayish-blue eyes w/ slightly milky pupils, seemingly absent-minded, intellectualizes.
an old (former) alchemist, half-blind
unable to support himself entirely through his business anymore, though he makes a reasonable income selling cold remedies and the like to the locals
he manages by relying on income from a young man (Cass), whom he helps with instructions in brewing poisons; a semi-legal activity, considering his (ancient) alchemists license. luckily, he is all but ignored by the alchemists and assassins guilds.
Leanna Shadow- bowyer/fletcher (F 1/2-drow) jet black hair (blue-black/obsidian/iridescent), brown skin but with almost "shadowy" look, matte, light-absorbing black eyes, usually wears a dark charcoal-gray cloak at night.
she came to the city as a young woman of about 200 to escape the anger of her mother (who took out her frustrations at being raped on her daughter). after a few years of practicing the disgusting profession of prostitute, she realized that she needed some contacts if she was ever going to get properly established. she found one in the person of Idaya Trueshaft, an established bowyer who agreed to take Leanna as an apprentice (for unknown reasons; she certainly had no experience in that area). she combined this with her knowledge of crossbows, and opened up a rival bowyery, dealing exclusively in crossbows and bolts of all kinds. she Trueshaft play up their rivalry, but actually are still good friends, though they donıt always see eye to eye.
She invented her surname to follow custom (the only one she had from birth was her house-name, something she did not wish to advertise). it seemed appropriate to her looks. however, the locals tend to associate her with dark goings-on moreso because of it.
she also deals, under the table, in hand crossbows and bolts, and poison-ready bolts. one of her regular customers in this area is Coriolanus.
a consummate flirt, she is not above using her ³skills² to influence the reactions of men or women, especially the law. she will not go so far as to have sex with anyone, however.
Idaya Trueshaft- bowyer/fletcher (F 1/2-elf)
she apprenticed Leanna Shadow, despite having no reason to believe she had any talent, because of her circumstances. Idaya was raped as a young woman, and understood the humiliation and torture Leanna must have been going through as a prostitute.
Mechanara- merchant and entrepeneur (M elf) flirtatious with femails, especially human and half-elf, but polite.
he is fairly wealthy, due to many a lucky gamble.
tends to deal in whatever is selling at the moment, and owns the drygoods shop (Mechanaraıs Emporium).
he has a small retinue of bodyguards and servants, and allows them to do nearly everything for him.
has many vices, though only food, drink, and women are indulged in publicly. he has a particular fondness for very young human women.
probably the only fat elf to have ever lived. big supporter of Santoria, believes she will favor him.
Necile- merchant (F elf) soft spoken, except in regards to Mech's attitude towards human women.
manager of Mechanaraıs Emporium
she finds Mechanara rather disgusting, especially his fondness for human women.
³The Beggar²- Gana (M human) raspy voice, rough brown cloak.
old man of sixty, has always lived on the streets of the neighborhood
remembers Cay (Mr. Cornelius) from their days together as street urchins, some 50 years ago. thinks of him as a ³pretty-boy², pimped and pandered.
has a good ear for the street talk, and tends to hear whats happening.
Sonora Keel- goodwife (F hobbit)
middle-aged gossip-monger
she is active at the mission and above reproach publicly, though she has given in to Mr. Corneliusı charms on an occasion.
her husband is a busy clerical worker at the courthouse.
Selena- streetwalker (F 1/2-elf, 15) waist-length straight black hair, tall and slim, gray-green eyes.
good-natured street girl with a black sense of humor
is willing to use her exceptional charms in just about any way to get by
one of her best customers is Coriander: he is endlessly entertaining, adventuresome, treats her very well, and tips handsomely.
she picks up a great deal of news from her clients and on the street. she enjoys Corianderıs company and trusts him, so she will usually make herself available when he calls.
[Ch18, Cms15]
Kıpar- mercenary (M orc)
a moderately skilled warrior, he has been able to afford a few classes at the School of Ealanus.
he heads a small band of light footmen who hire out together for guard details (legit., mostly), usually at the temples.
he personally moonlights as extra muscle for a Cassius, a small-time thief with a lot of connections.
he comes from a very poor family, that has only had any luck being pawns of the Underworld. while he continues this trait, he has honestly worked his way up to where he is as a guard and mercenary. he wouldnıt like hs dealings with Cassius publicized, as he is very proud of how far he has made it as a legitimate guard. he occasionally works security for Mechanara, but doesn't know about any of Mech's illegal activities.
[fighter 3rd; studded leather, short sword, small shield]
[School of Ealanus: school of fighting that deals with unarmed combat, especially against armed opponents. +5 initiative, +2 To Hit when unarmed. can fight prone without penalties, though he loses his To Hit bonus. +4 to hit when attempting to disarm, if unarmed.]
Telana- thief (M human) dark brown breeches, tunic
he is a guildless thief, posing by day as a beggar (rough tattered robe)
he is a specialist at picking pockets and disappearing
prefers knives
gets a lot of ribbing over his ³feminine² name (which he has tried to change, but everyone prefers the old name), especially since he has quite a boyish face
[PP 80%, HS 70%, MS 20%; Cms 16]
Tean- prostitute (F human)
she lives and works in the brothel, and is the youngest one there (except, perhaps, the panther)­ only 14. she is quite attractive, and in great demand for her tender touch and youthful appearance.
she augments her living, and gets much-needed excitement, by working under Cassius, a small-time thief, as a helper. she is particularly skilled at walls and being silent, and prefers to use poisoned darts (envenomed courtesy of Cassius) to deal with problem people.
she finds Cassius fairly attractive, and very gentle, and has no trouble giving him whatever he wants. he is the only person outside of the brothel that has ever treated her well.
she always knows the pantherıs moods, and it has fallen to Tean to make sure the panther gets satisfied when she is in heat (the panther otherwise risks painful urinary infections). she has to date turned to men who are turned on by the idea of bestiality, but would prefer to find her a permanent mate. both were raised as orphans from a very young age, and they treat each other as sisters.
[Theif 2nd; MS 55%, CW 80%]
Pelean- prostitude (F human, 18) looks 14, brunette, olive skin lavender/green eyes.
lives in the brothel
quite seasoned for her age
usually falls to her to handle the unusual requests, because she enjoys most of them
Lady Kylana
Begum Celiani
Santoria- true dragon
Benata- F human
procures "friends" for Mechanara
Susanna- F human, age 9
Emilie- F human, age 12
Amanda- F human, age 11
Norah- F human, age 7
Nano- F human, age 11
"friends" of Mechanara who make regular visits to him. some are homeless, but several have families (who, needless to say, have no idea of the true relationship between their daughters and Benata, much less Mechanara). Nano is pregnant by Mechanara. With the exception of Amanda, they are all somewhat uncomfortable with the situation, but Benata has convinced them that it would be worse to tell anyone, and that it's OK but others just wouldn't understand their "special friendship" with Mechanara. they'll probalby all need therapy or magic later in life. Amanda first visited Mech when she was 8.
Krag- (M orc)
campaign coordinator for Santoria. clean and legit.
Pelleus- steward for Santoria (M human)
turned down telling propaganda for Santoria when approached by Krag