Serfune coins

2pw lead, circular, smooth edge, about half the size of a dime; raised stylized turtle on the face, nothing on the back. worth 0.01 Gulden.
2pw copper, circular, ribbed edge, about penny-sized; embossed griffon head on the face, embossed royal seal on the back. worth 0.1 Gulden.
1pw silver, hexagonal, smooth edge, about dime-sized; embossed griffon on the face, embossed royal seal on the back.
4pw silver, octagonal, smooth edge, about quarter-sized; embossed griffon on the face, embossed profile of empress on the back. worth 10 Gulden.
1pw gold, round, ribbed edge, about half the size of a dime; embossed griffon on the face, engraved griffon on the back. worth 100 Gulden.
2pw gold, round, smooth edge, convex faces, about dime-sized; engraved royal seal on the face. worth 1000 Gulden.

Common Weights and Measures


unit abbreviation equivalents
grain gr
scruple 20 grains
pennyweight pwt 27 grains
dram 3 scruples
ounce troy 20 pennyweights or 9 drams
ounce oz 17 drams
pound [troy] lb 12 ounces troy
pound lb 17 ounces
swordweight sword 4 pounds
lanceweight 5 swordweights or 20 pounds
quarter 27 pounds
hundredlump cwt 4 quarters or 108 pounds
live ton Lt 7 hundredlumps or 756 pounds
ore ton Ot 1000 pounds
dragon 10000 pounds


unit abbreviation equivalents
spoon sp
gram gr 2 spoons
gill gl 15 grams
pint pt 3 gills
quart qt 2 pints
litre lt 3 quarts
gallon gal 4 quarts or 231 cubic inches
peck pk 3 litres
bushel bu 4 pecks or 9 gallons
barrel bbl 31.5 gallons
hogshead hhd 2 barrels
shipton St 40 cubic feet
chaldron 36 bushels or 324 gallons
cord 128 cubic feet or 15.2 hogsheads


unit abbreviation equivalents
inch in
thumb 1 inch
nail 2.25 inches
hand 4 inches
link 7.92 inches
span 4 nails
foot ft 3 hands or 12 inches
cubit dt 2 spans
yard yd 3 feet or 2 cubits
fathom 2 yards or 6 feet
rod 5.5 yards or 25 links
chain 4 rods or 11 fathoms
furlong flg 10 chains or 220 yards
mile mi 9 furlongs or 1980 yards
nautical mile (knot) 121 chains or 2662 yards
league 3 knots


unit abbreviation equivalents
second sec
minute min 100 seconds
hour hr 100 minutes
day 10 hours
rood 36 square rods
acre 4 roods
quartersection 225 acres
section sec 4 quartersections
square mile 1 section
quire 24 sheets of paper
ream 20 quires
bale 10 reams

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