A Galaxy Far, Far, Everway:

Heroic travel among the many Spheres of Space Opera

The Rules

Warning: if this text isn't showing as strike-through on your browser, you're going to have a great deal of confusion when reading the following document.

Fortune Deck

this is preliminary, but i thought i'd put it up anyway, in order to get feedback. in particular, you'll notice a couple of cards that have no meanings, because i'm not sure if they should be cards, and nothing came to mind for them. also, some of the card meanings are kinda close--too close? and are there meanings that ought to be represented by a set of game-playing/divinatory cards like these but aren't? card images that should be in a set of scifi tropes but aren't? double pipe ("||") is being used as an "or" when i have 2 different names or meanings for a card that don't seem to be something i can just amalgamate.

Transcendental Worlds
Black Hole unknowable meaning; all laws and knowledge end within a black hole none
The Universals (2)
Wormhole Hyperspace: gains far outweigh costs Time Travel: manipulation and chaos Snake vs. Dragon: the transcendental and the physical merging
The Net self-definition, the ability to be who you wish, overcoming personal limitations anarchy, equalization indulgence, hedonism Rat vs. Monkey: the inner realm of the mind and the outer realm of the society merging
The Governments
The Frontier the unknown, danger unexpected gains Dragon
The Colony a hard struggle growth Snake
The Empire Dystopia: tyranny, ignoring individuals, exploitation, beaurocracy/inefficiency Utopia: organization, civilization, protection and benefits Snake & Monkey
Law justice, equality tyranny, misapplied rules Monkey over Snake: society at its best, force at its worst
Religion freedom from temporal concerns Opiate of the Masses: false authority controls Dragon over Monkey: the spirit at its best, society for the wrong reasons
Trade opportunity, betterment, gain greed, profit before ethics Snake over Rat: force used for good, the mind used without restraint
Science The Force Field: new discoveries brought to bear The Superweapon Eugenics: science misapplied Rat over Dragon: the mind exercised in the world, spirituality twisted
The Others
The AI The Computer: great analytical power logic overriding reason Rat
The Alien alternative perspective otherness, paranoia Monkey
The Ancients Lost Knowledge Secrets Man was Not Meant to Know Rat & Dragon
The Energy Being ascension, apotheosis loss of touch with reality Dragon & Monkey
The Mutant abberation, unseen flaw psychic abilities, new-found talents Snake & Rat
The Universe
Asteroid resources freely available unpredictable danger
Big Bang The Beginning The End Outward
Gas Giant great potential, great power unrealized untapped resources
Gravity reliable constants struggling against the inevitable Center
Neutron Star death, loss of power/function Beacon in the Night: new purpose Inward
The Star The Sun: life-giving power Nova: energy uncontained, unstoppable destructive forces
The Technologies
The Android Verisimilitude, seeming deception
Bioengineering ill-considered ramifications adaptation
The Clone lack of individuality cooperation, efficiency
The Cyborg Integration, two disparate things working together lack of self/humanity || perversion
The Robot great labor single-mindedness || overliteral understanding
The Starship travel, freedom homelessness, restlessness, wanderlust
Terraforming rebirth destruction, holocaust
The Professions
The Explorer freedom foolhardiness, alienation Dragon
The Hacker secret knowledge revealed subterfuge, lack of respect for other's rights Rat
The Mentor maturity, experience sheltering, out-moded values Monkey
The Mystic spiritualism, inner strength misunderstanding: the mystic is often out of place in a highly scientific world; "ancient beliefs & hokey religions are no substitute for a good blaster" Dragon
The Outlaw piracy, selfishness rebellion against false authority, selflessness Monkey
The Pilot self-confidence, leadership overconfidence, not looking before you leap Snake
The Scientist knowledge, discovery lack of imagination || elimination of mystery Rat
The Soldier necessary defense The Mercenary: conflict without reason Snake

Some alternate groupings of the cards:

Oh, and it's not called the "Fortune Deck". We're not entirely sure yet, but clearly it needs a more-universal universal name, since technology and alien POVs mean it will often not be a deck at all, but some other physical manifestation. Perhaps "Gnospex", from the roots for wisdom and (i think) insight.

So far, we've posited several forms for the Gnospex on different worlds: