Heresy card: Haniel; copyright Brom

Haniel was born on a world where alien invaders had secretly infiltrated governments and corporations at the highest levels. They pulled the strings of life from behind the scenes and were concerned with the populace only insofar as it served their inscrutable needs. But not all the people were mere puppets.

Heresy card: Industrial Underground; copyright Dave Seeley

There was an underground, a resistance movement--equal parts guerilla army, political action committee, propaganda machine, and intelligence organization. Haniel was a member of this underground, and spent his life worming his way deeper into The System. But the underground was too late.

Heresy card: Orbital Strike Platform; copyright Rick Berry

Before they could expose the aliens or make a significant dent in their power, the aliens decided to use the people as fodder in a war with another planet. With no warning possible, the first strike decimated the planet, and the alien controllers finished the job, turning their own orbital defense platforms on the planet.

Heresy card: Castrum; copyright Rick Berry

As far as Haniel knows, he is the only person to have made it out, because he was the only Spacefolder native to the planet.

NAME Haniel
MOTIVE Revenge against the invaders that destroyed his world
VIRTUE Gravity (reversed): Struggling against the inevitable
FAULT The Pilot (reversed): Overconfidence
FATE Terraforming: Rebirth vs. Destruction
Specialty:deduction/concrete problem solving
Specialty:getting favors
Specialty:danger sense
  • Hindrance: Friend of Death (twice major): Those who are close to Haniel and whom Haniel cares about tend to die. This isn't inevitable, but given enough time (more than a year or two) it becomes highly likely. However, it is possible to avoid because these deaths occur only where they already would: not freak occurrences while changing a lightbulb, but rather not quite making it when you decide to break from cover during the firefight, or not surviving a life-threatening surgery. Heresy card: Judgment; copyright ?
    [The Storyguide may draw two cards, or demand that a player draw two cards, and take the worse one to resolve an action whenever someone near to Haniel tempts death.]
  • Edge: Death Blinks (major): Conversely, death tends to look the other way where Haniel himself is concerned. But only when death is on the line. He is hurt just as easily and frequently as anyone else, but the death blow seems never to come. [Whenever Haniel is in a life-or-death situation, two cards should be drawn and the more favorable one used to resolve the action.]
  • Edge: Skill Chip Socket (frequent and versatile): Haniel has several items of cyberwear, which was quite common on his home world. Among these is a chip socket in his ________. When he escaped his home, he was able to grab a bag of skill chips of assorted types, which he can use at will. He only has one socket, and no internal memory, so he can only load one chip at a time. [It takes a few moments to switch chips, possibly longer to find the right one. Whatever skill is currently installed replaces Haniel's Monkey or Rat specialty, as appropriate.]