A Galaxy Far, Far, Everway:

Heroic travel among the many Worlds of Space Opera

This page will serve as the clearinghouse for info on my space opera conversion of Everway. so far, I have a preliminary set of rules, including a new Fortune Deck, some sketchy notes on the setting, and 3 characters. We've played a few sessions, and it seems to be going well. The additions to the character all seem sound and useful, and the new Fortune Deck works well enough. Currently, we're in the process of building an all-new Fortune Deck from scratch, using alternate priorities, to see what we come up with. Probably end up by merging the best cards and interpretations and structural ideas from both of them.

In case anyone's wondering, we're using a mixture of Heresy: Kingdom Come and Dark Age CCG cards. There were also Hyborian Gates (i.e., Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell) CCG and some other stuff available, though nobody's used them for chargen yet. I've used a couple for scenario illustration. [I bought all oy these explicitly to use for Everway, so don't bother asking how the games play--i've never played any CCGs.]