Character Creation Outline:

  1. Concept
    1. Pick a species (confer with Storyguide)
    2. Determine role or profession
    3. Determine appearance, personality, etc.
  2. Hooks and Grommets
    1. Motivation
    2. Secret
    3. Important Person
    4. Optional: Personality Traits
    5. Optional: the Three Questions
    6. Spend free Advantage points
    7. Take additional (Dis)Advantages
    8. Optional: Role
  3. Attributes
    1. Distribute points at Tier 2
    2. Cascade or consolidate as desired
    3. Add species modifiers
  4. Abilities
    1. Distribute points at Tier 2
    2. Cascade or Consolidate as desired
    3. Note Core Abilities
  5. Extras
    1. Experience Pool
    2. Resistance Thresholds
    3. Equipment


For this campaign, the concept is limited by the following criteria:

Hooks and Grommets


Choose a motivation for your character


Choose some secret hidden fact that few, if any, know about your character

Important Person

Choose a person that was or is important to your character

Optional: Personality Traits

Choose as many (or as few) Personality Traits as you desire

Optional: The Three Questions

Another way of looking at characterization is through answering in detail three questions:

Advantages and Disadvantages

You have 3 free Advantage points to spend as you will

Optional: Role

To reflect the storytelling nature of roleplaying better, roles may be used. A role is not dependent on the character's abilities or any profession the character may have in the game world. Rather, it is a reflection of the character's place in the story. If roles are used, all the characters should have one. Some sample role sets include:

Attributes & Abilities

Using the Trees:




Experience Pool

Resistance Thresholds




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