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female genetically altered human corporate bioengineer

Tyy is a woman who relishes being on the cutting edge of personal biotech. She grew up in a rich corpornational family, and had all the latest bioware and retroviruses as a kid. She grew into a gawky teen who began developing her bioengineering skills by making cosmetic alterations to herself, at first just to bolster her self esteem and fit in better, but eventually to stroke her ego and satisfy her vanity. She graduated from secondary school right on time, with excellent marks in the life sciences and literature, though her math was lacking. She got excellent marks in physical education and orchestra, but didn't play any team sports for fear the genetic enhancements that she relied on would be discovered. She initially took a year off to work in her dad's corp, but decided that corp lackey engineer wasn't for her. So she went to University and then a tech school, and got degrees in Bioelectrical-, Bioware-, Genetic-, Retrovirus-, and Tissues Engineering, Pheromone Pharmacology, and Biochemistry, as well as certification as a Bioware and Computer Biotechnician. Luckily, her parents could easily afford the decade of school this took. Along the way, Tyy continued to use herself, and the occaisional friend, to practice her abilities. She stopped using friends in her 7th year of University, after giving her best friend a better encephalovirus boost than her own, and getting beaten out for a scholarship as a result. She didn't really need the money, and her friend did, so she was never able to explain to her why she was upset, and they drifted apart. After school, she was able to get a job as an independent bioware researcher for the BioWave firm, mostly on the strength of her parents' names. She has a lab of her own, and an assistant, and is responsible for BioSkin research coming up with new variations and augmentations for the fashion and industrial worlds on a regular basis. In her free time, she uses the lab's resources to continue trying to "perfect" her form.

Tyy is personable, and makes acquaintances easily. Her upbringing means she is very skilled in social graces, and she has also learned to fit in with the middle class fairly comfortably due to her years at school. She has trouble keeping close friends, as her competitive streak sometimes gets out of hand. Also, she doesn't let people get close to her easily, for fear that they may discover how heavily augmented she really is. She is quite bright and quickly picks up new concepts, though her math still lacks.

She likes to dress somewhat daringly, but can easily embarass herself, as she still doesn't have a very good image of her body and is convinced that the only reason people find her attractive at all is because of her cosmetic augmentations. She tends to dress like a woman in her 20s who is looking for someone, even though she is much older and afraid to actually get involved in a close relationship. Her age and plain looks are particularly masked by her keen fashion sense and cutting edge style. As fashion dictates, she sports organometallic BioSkin and nails (both tinged a coppery orange) and no longer has any hair follicles. Unlike the trend, her skin is soft and supple to the touch, feeling no more resilient than normal skin, and it preserves her original fingerprints and skin texture perfectly. Fashion also gives her digitigrade legs, though she now wears slacks or long skirts to cover them, since they are beginning to go out of style--nonetheless, her towering 6'9" height and disproportionately short torso give them away. If you look closely, you notice that her eyes seem to almost sparkle, a telltale sign that her corneas are augmented with silicate-based crystals in the structure, giving her much greater focus and resolution powers, and you may catch her nictating membrane blinking. Behind her left ear, just visible from the front at eyelevel, is a small crystal transmitter, located outside the skull to provide a highly focused highbandwidth 'Net link. The only other augmentations that have physical signs are an abdominal pouch (accessible from the right side just under her last rib; it appears as a slight fold in the skin), normally covered by clothes, and prehensile toes, normally hidden in shoes.


Tyy is constantly striving to improve herself. She also sincerely believes that she is interested in benefitting humankind in general, though her actions and attitudes demonstrate otherwise.


She is terrified that someone may find out just how much she has been augmented. While her official line is that genetic and bioware enhancements are always desirable, she secretly feels like she is living a lie by using them. On the other hand, she would never dream of giving them, or her edge, up, and has a fairly open (and genuine) contempt for those who shun personal biotech or preach against it.

Important Person:

The most important person in Tyy's life to date has been Ayn Rand. She has read all of her works, and really takes the idea of the self-actualized wholly-independent individual to heart. She has actually achieved this goal quite effectively, but sometimes holds herself up to an inhumanly tough standard derived from Rand's stories. Tyy also considers herself an Objectivist.

Personality Traits:



Experience Pool:

13 dice

Physical Threshold:


Mental Threshold:





Cost Multiplier: Core: 0.25 non-Core: 5



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