Experimental Gaming

Below is a list of "experimental" games I would like to run, listed in approximate decreasing order of likelihood of their actually occurring. This page serves at least 3 functions. The first is a repository for my ideas, so that they don't get lost. The second is as a list for my local players to refer to, so that they know what games are possibilities, and can plan to try and partake of those that interest them. And the third is so that I can tell the world how they turned out, at least in brief summary. Some of these are nothing special in that regard, but at least a couple are unique enough that someone besides me may be interested in an evaluation--or, at least, I'd like to think so. In particular, a few of these games (and others to be added to the list) are relatively new and/or small-press, so these game summaries can serve as a crude imitation of a game review for those who aren't familiar with the game. So, without further ado, on to the list.

The first list contains a bunch of concept games. Some are full-blown games, with homegrown systems and settings. Many are slight twists on published games. A few are little more than a concept, something that i want to try to see what happens.

Name & Brief DescriptionStatus
sci-fi "Everway,"
using Heresy cards, either Archetypes Storytelling cards or a custom Fortune Deck, possibly new Elements
still ironing out Elements; working on new Fortune Deck; have played several sessions, and it's going well
w/Storypath cards
awaiting interest
Castle Falkenstein
w/Storypath cards
awaiting interest
Galactic Network
far-future biotech sci-fi universe, focusing on a lost human ship and the non-human crew that finds it
system homegrown and negotiable
several characters completed, but several players since gone awol; still fleshing out setting
using AD&D
2 characters created
homebrew high-fantasy world
converted to Ars Magica-derived system (still using existing characters)
1 interested player
"la Femme Nikita" campaign
characters are unwilling operatives of the government, due to special talents and criminal history; Nikita meets VR5
using FUDGE
3 interested players
4-color Supers
using Theatrix--diceless system, based on narrative traits instead of numbers
awaiting interest
The Tick vs. Roleplaying
the Tick RPG, homegrown
rewatched "Tick vs. Education"; still dissatisfied with basic systems
After the Overrunning
take Mythic Africa. invade with vindictive righteous Fae who wish to reclaim the Natural World from the corruptions of the sentients. simmer with several hundred years of oppression and hatred and betrayal.
polishing the mechanics and fleshing out the setting

This second list is basically a list of game systems, with perhaps a few notes on particular story lines i'm interested in running. For the majority of these games, I'd be equally happy with someone else running a game; you can borrow the books from me to prepare if you would like.

Name & Brief DescriptionStatus
2 characters completed, 1 nearing completion, 2 more players interested
Ars Magica
focusing on traditional Covenant and Order of Hermes
1 player interested
Ars Magica
focusing on non-traditional Covenant, possibly completely outside of the Order of Hermes
1 player interested
Castle Falkenstein
1 character created
Lace & Steel
awaiting combat and magic cards; haven't finished reading rules
Bunnies & Burrows
Watership Down, the RPG
1 interested player
4-color supers meets heroic fantasy, set in a hollow world that is self-destructing and has no metal, and featuring a caste society based on who has wings and who doesnąt
played it. setting is really too original and deep to play properly without everyone reading the book.
starting with society building and Interactive History
1 of two major societies in playable form; need to flesh out magic; characters created and campaign underway (though on hold)
4-color Supers
using Champions
2 characters mostly completed
4-color Supers
using DC Heroes
1 interested player
Maelstrom Storytelling
Verne meets Froud meets Torg meets Time Bandits meets da Vinci meets Kafka meets Kafka meets Dumas meets The Dark Crystal
still reading
it's the end of the world, the antichrist is here, children are being born without souls, and all Hell's breaking loose (literally)
Fading Suns
equal parts Byzantium, Dark Ages, Dune, A Canticle for Leibowitz, and Star Wars
Star Wars
like you need a description. i'm toying with an all-droids campaign
jawa and droid ship/crew/companions created
being a ghost is boring, so you decided to become an International Man of Mystery to kill time
awaiting interest
you're dead, and you keep arguing with yourself
awaiting interest
Whispering Vault
there are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know--and you're one of them
awaiting interest
disaffected veterans with superpowers and delusions of justice, and the country that got them that way
awaiting interest
Tribe 8
still reading
Hercules & Xena
exactly what you think
still reading
there are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know--but shooting them with an unlicensed nuclear accelerator isn't really getting to know them, is it?
awaiting interest
there are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know. Period.
awaiting those foolish enough to be interested
there are Things Man Wa--oh, hell, who are we kidding? save the angst for Vampire. Instead, think American Werewolf in London meets Silver Bullet meets Innocent Blood meets Dead Alive
awaiting interest
The Power
Scanners, the RPG
awaiting interest
The 23rd Letter
Scanner Cop, the RPG
played a few sessions. pretty good system, but we have issues with the balance between TKs and other psychics.
mixture, focusing on shapechangers and possibly faeries
awaiting interest
The Everlasting
think the World of Darkness, only done right. instead of running roughshod over world mythology, butchering and maiming and creating Frankenstein-monster versions, actually take it all and integrate it and weave it together into a cohesive whole.
The Babylon Project
another pretty obvious one
awaiting interest
Blue Planet
still reading--there's a lot to this one. and now i have to decide whether i like 1st ed or 2nd ed better
Lost Souls
you're dead--whatever you do, don't get reincarnated.
awaiting interest
a vampire RPG the way it should be!
awaiting interest

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