The reason for VR

More recently (some say not quite yet, in fact), the virtual adepts broke from the technocracy to introduce and use the concept of virtual reality to build a better world, even if they couldn't change the "real" world. The New World Order thinks that they deliberately loosed the virtual adepts for an extremely insidious plan. The New World Order wanted true VR to be introduced, but the rest of the Technocracy was against it. Angry at being outvoted and seeing their plan as far superior to several that were accepted, they sowed a few seeds of discord within the Technocracy's ranks, and then turned a blind eye when the soon-to-be virtual adepts broke rank. While they believe that they are using the virtual adepts as pawns, some VAs have realized the potential pitfalls of a codified 'Net, and thus work especially hard to promote anarchy, and often change entire operating environments, just to prevent people from forming stereotypes and expectations of VR.

Unable to avail themselves of the services of the Progenitors (since they were operating without sanction), the New World Order has planted a mage in DNA, Inc., and then contracted with them (through one of the companies they own) for a drug that lets someone experience tactile sensations when dealing with holograms and VR. (It is hoped that it can be created with "pure" science, but if not, the mage will finish the job.) They will then use this to break down the barriers between VR and reality, and thus implement their changes much more rapidly. They want to rigidly control the VR world so that only what they want to happen does. Once it is an accepted and predictable part of reality, a little confusion, aided by the drug, should twist humanity's beliefs into molding actual reality. Once this is done, there will be no need for VR, because the two realities will be identical. But since VR is much more easily molded, they plan to finally eliminate it. No one will notice because there will be no difference between VR and reality at that point.

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