Farley's the most playful of them all, and is always ready for more attention. He loves to play tag all over the house (when the roomies aren't around to complain), and is an excellent dancer. As near as i can tell, he doesn't sleep, but just closes his eyes and holds sort of still until he hears me approaching. he's gotten a bit more cuddly lately, since he broke his tooth (no, i don't have the foggiest idea how, and i don't know if it's actually related.) Perhaps it's part of his charm, but Farley apparently stood in the wrong line, and ended up with the same model brain they give brocoli.

Age: 5.5
Size: very small
Species: ferret
Hobbies: being extremely cute, learning to fly, running in reverse

Anonymous (Nony)

I don't believe it's right to change the name of an animal any more than i'd try to change the name of a human friend. That's why the others have such an assortment of names. This guy managed to make it through the first two years of his life (before i got him) without a name, so i figured that leaving him Anonymous was the best thing to do. We always call him Nony. Nony probably spent the first few months of his life as an only ferret, because he's extremely people-friendly, and occasionally will even curl up with me at night. He can be a real study in contrasts. He spends hours just laying in my room watching the world go by through the plexiglass ferretgate (as in babygate). On the other hand, he's the only one that will initiate a fight with Farley, and the only one with as much energy to burn when he gets to check out the rest of the house. He's still not entirely used to the idea of Outdoors, but he's starting to figure out that it's just another place to explore.

Nony died of cancer 2 years ago.

Age: 2nd anniversary of 4.5
Size: small
Species: ferret
Hobbies: lieing around, being cute, stealing


Apparently Rambo's too grown-up to play with the others. He's almost never interested in roughhousing with a ferret, and never with a human. He's the most intelligent, and has me quite well trained. :-) Seriously, while he's not generally very athletic, he can be exceptionally determined, and it's about impossible to distract him or dissuade him. Once, he nearly climbed my vertical, bare arm to get the bowl of cheerios i was holding - i had to remove him so i could continue eating. Also, he's a good half-pound heavier than the others (except for maybe Nony), and is all muscle and bone without a shred of fat, so he can out-pull the other three put together when they're leashed together. In addition to cheerios, he'll do just about anything for bananas and some leathers, and has a habit of stashing apples (we're not sure if he'd eat them later, given the chance). In fact, he's a real thief, and likes to swipe all sorts of things. His favorites are leather or rubber shoes, anything of hard rubber or soft plastic, and books. He especially likes perfect-bound paperbacks, and will do quite some climbing to get to them.

Rambo died of complications from cancer last summer. he survived the anesthetic, the tumor, and the surgery, but there were just too many evil cells floating in his blood for the immune system, even with all the antibiotics the vet could safely give him.

Age: 1st anniversary of 6.5
Size: small
Species: ferret
Hobbies: reading, stealing fruit, stealing potatoes, stealing leather


Thunderfoot is very friendly, and tends to ride in my arms just about the whole way when i take them for walks. He seems to think he's a people (even moreso than the rest), and will at least try anything he catches a human eating. More often than not, he decides he likes it - he's the only one who would even try the pumpkin pie.

Age: 6.5
Size: very small
Species: ferret
Hobbies: being cute
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