OK, here come the obligatory links to other pages, selected with the justification that they have something to do with my interests. Then again, they just might be a sophisticated attempt to subtly alter your view of reality. (no, i don't believe it either, but i figure i'll catch someone sooner or later)

Let's see, i guess i should start with hobbies. Well, my first love is music, but, other than theCold Soldered Music Page, I don't really know of any pages for new music, though I have found this Folk Music archive. And just to make it seem like i'm making this up, i also haven't found any 'Web sites for the few commercial groups i do like. However, if any of you find a site for any groups or people i'm interested in, visit my info page and drop me a line.

OK, i found the Dead Can Dance Home Page, so this isn't quite so empty.

Now we move on to the activity that probably tops sleep for hours spent per week: Role-playing games. I read 'em, I play 'em, I write 'em. I'm currently working on several projects, the most important of which i can't tell you about, because then you'd know. i wrote the section on Africa for the Wraith Players' Guide, and i'm probably going to be writing a sourcebook or two for ARIA. Also, there are quite a few things i would like to share, so go check out my writings page.

Also, if you're interested in just about any RPG, check out woodelf's RPG Index. i've indexed nearly every WWW, ftp, and gopher site, along with mailing lists and newsgroups. in short, if your browser can get at it, i've probably indexed it. i can honestly say that it is probably the most comprehensive index of online info for RPGs. enjoy!

Support B5 Next we move on to TV. Actually, i'm not much of a TV person; haven't been a serious watcher since PBS stopped carrying Doctor Who and Blake's 7. I used to plan my life so i wouldn't miss those shows. These days i have to plan my life around Babylon 5, which is just as good, but with quality special effects. I used to watch Highlander religiously, but then the local station quit carrying it. I used to catch Animaniacs whenever i could, but the local station quit carrying it. Now that we've got the SciFi Channel, i get to watch Alien Nation and War of the Worlds, among other wonderful programs. If you don't get the SciFi channel, write TCI and complain (since TCI controls something ridiculous like 80% of the nation's cable market, and they're the only major cable supplier that definitely doesn't carry the SciFi channel, i'm making an educated guess here).

Finally, we get to the most important link on this page:
I'm aware that this link no longer works. I haven't decided what to do about it yet. I'll probably point it to a different Lego page, as soon as i find one. Or maybe i'll set up my own. Who knows. It's just such a shame to waste this link, after i went to all the trouble to properly balance the text and image visually, and so on (assuming you're using a Mac; other platforms have a different relationship between text size and ppi on screen, so there's nothing a can do about it).

Other Important Pages:


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