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The Christian Callings

Every Christian receives two callings in his life. This is an appeal from God. The actual mode of the appeal may come through a person, but the work in the calling is done through the Holy Spirit.

The Rule of Rules

One of the major issues in raising children is the question of behavior. It is such a big issue that Children's Ministry Magazine features an Q & A on discipline in every issue. Volumes have been written on child behavior. Some even make a career out of studying child behavior.

Defending the Doctrine of the Trinity

Much of the misunderstanding about the Trinity begins with the word itself. Many interpret Trinity as meaning "three gods." However, Trinity is a compound word from the Latin word trinitas meaning "three in unity" or "three in one."

What Kind of Dirt Are You?

What does your dirt look like? Are you so hardhearted that the devil just steals the Word away from you? Do you intellectually understand Godís Word, but it is not rooting deep into your heart? Are the possessions and pleasures of this world outweighing your desire for eternal life?

A Lesson In Grace

My father once taught me a great lesson about grace. When I was a young man of about 14, I became interested in motorcycles. My cousins owned motorcycles. I thought they were cool, and I wanted to be cool, too.

King of the Trees

One day, the trees decided to elect a king. They thought and thought and thought. Finally, they went to the olive tree...

A Tribute to Mom

My mother honors God with her life. She still prays for me. I know she still helps others in their times of need. Even though all her children are grown, she still teaches children at church. I thank God that I had a godly mother who honors God. It has made all the difference in my life.


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