What Kind of Dirt Are You?

Ref: Luke 8:5-18

The Parable of the Soils is a great parable for learning how to understand parables, because Jesus gives us the meaning of the parable. The parable is paralleled in Mathew 13:1-23 and Mark 4:1-20. The Parable of the Soils is about the hearts of the people who hear the Gospel message.

The Seed, the Farmer, and the Soil

According to Jesusí explanation of the parable, the seed is the word of God? Godís great communication to mankind. Godís word communicates salvation to our hearts, producing a life that is fruitful. The Word like a seed brings life to the soil, producing something beyond itself.

The farmer is someone who shares the word of God. This could include preachers, evangelist, teachers, and ministers, but since the Great Commission is the duty of all believers, the farmer is all of us.

The soil is the hearts of people who hear the Word. The heart is the key to the soul, and we respond to the Word according to the condition of our heart. As we will see in Jesusí explanation, some people have barriers that stop the heart from receiving the seed of Godís Word.

Seed on the Wayside

The heart on the wayside or the path is hardened and unreceptive to Godís word. They hear the message of God, but the devil just steals it away. Their hearts are so hard that the Good News does not even touch their heart. Like the Pharisees, they completely reject it, because of the work and position Satan has in their lives.

Seed on the Rocky Ground

The heart on the rocky ground hears Godís Good News and immediately receives it with joy. These people only appear to have received salvation, but it is not a true conversion from their sinful lives. They have accepted Christ in their heads, but the Word has not penetrated their hearts. Just like the plant in shallow soil, when the heat is on, they wither away, because the Word had not truly taken root in their hearts. These are the "crowd" people. While things are going well, they are there, but when things get rough, they disappear with the crowd.

Seed Among the Thorns

The rich young ruler of Luke 18 is a perfect example of this sort of heart. They have an interest in Jesusí message, but they are so overcome by the worries, cares, and riches of this world that they are in danger of missing the kingdom of heaven. Their possessions and pleasures mean more to them than eternal life.

Seed on Good Soil

This heart has been cultivated by Godís spirit and is ready to produce fruit. The Word of God produces spiritual fruit in their lives. You can see the evidence of a heart with good soil. Their heart has been changed, and they produce something beyond themselves.

Your Dirt

What does your dirt look like? Are you so hardhearted that the devil just steals the Word away from you? Do you intellectually understand Godís Word, but it is not rooting deep into your heart? Are the possessions and pleasures of this world outweighing your desire for eternal life? Let the Holy Spirit plough into your heart and cultivate a heart that is ready to produce spiritual fruit for the Lord.

A Final Message For Good Soil Folks

If you have a good soil heart, you are telling others the message of Christ. You can never be sure of the type of soil in others peopleís hearts. Youíre just spreading the seed. Spread it generously for you never know when it might land on good soil.