Apply the Golden Rule To Customer Service

As the manager of a technical call center, I constantly emphasize to my team the importance of customer service. The key to customer service is the way we treat the customer. The Golden Rule speaks of treating others the way we would want to be treated. Customer service is an ideal arena for applying the Golden Rule.

I asked myself, “What do I want as a customer?” As a customer, I want several things:

  1. To feel important
    I want to feel that I am the most important customer at that moment in time, and the person serving me is going to do everything they can to help me.
  2. To be understood
    I want the person serving me to understand what it is I want and need.
  3. Someone to listen
    Don't just give me the company line. Listen to what I have to say, even if you cannot do anything about it.
  4. Problem resolved
    I want the problem resolved. If the problem cannot be resolved by the person I'm talking to, I want to know and understand why.
  5. Satisfaction
    I want to walk away with the satisfaction that every possible step has been taken to resolve my problem.

So, when applying the Golden Rule to customer service, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What can I do to please the customer?
  2. What can I do to make the customer feel important?
  3. How would I feel if I was the customer?

You should make every customer feel important. Take the time to listen to them, and hear what they have to say, even if you just let them vent for a while. Do what you can to resolve their problem. If you cannot resolve their problem, explain clearly to them why, and give suggestions on further actions they can take. Show understanding and compassion toward the customer for the difficulty they are having with your product or service. Always ask the customer if there is anything else you can help them with. If you have left an issue unresolved, make sure the customer understands what further actions they need to take to resolve the issue. Never rush the customer. Work at their pace.

Though Jesus meant for us to apply the Golden Rule to our entire lives, work is a good place to start. When you give superior customer service, your job is less stressful and more rewarding. Some customers are never happy no matter what you do, but if you have done all you can do, you can walk away knowing there was nothing more you could do for that customer.