The Valley of Dry Bones

Ezekiel 37:1—14

Ezekiel was a prophet from God, and he saw many vision in his lifetime. One of the most rousing visions fits very well into the mindset of October and Halloween. Ezekiel receives a vision from God where he is transported to a valley full of bones.

Can you picture it? A scene fitting for a story by Stephen King. A valley filled with dry bones. Ezekiel looks around, and everywhere he looks, bones. Not one bone has a tendon or flesh on it. A macabre vision of death.

God orders Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones, ordering them to come together and for tendons and skin to grow on them. I imagine Ezekiel was a little frightened when he heard the bones begin to rattle. They joined up and tendons, flesh and skin grew on the bones.

Then God told Ezekiel to prophesy to the wind, ordering the four winds to blow in and breath life into the bones. The wind rushed in and the bones came to life. They stood like a mighty army, ready to attack.

This striking vision is a prediction and a promise from God that He would deliver Israel out of captivity and return them to their home.

Israel, as a nation, from the world point of view, was a dead nation. They had been conquered and spread about. Captured by their enemies and taken away. God promised to breath life back into the nation. Bring it out of the grave. Only God could put life back into the valley of dry bones, and only God could bring the nation of Israel back to life.

Are your bones tired? Do you feel lifeless? Only God can give us real life. We are dead in our sins until God, through His Holy Spirit, breaths life into us. By the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, God was able to bring life not only to the Jews but to all the world. You, too, can have the life of God's Spirit breathed into you. It all starts by accepting the sacrifice of God's Son, Jesus Christ. He died that you might be freed from the dead life of sin. Will you not have His life fill you today?

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