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Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. — Psalm 119:105

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Valley of Dry Bones

Ezekiel was a prophet from God, and he saw many vision in his lifetime. One of the most rousing visions fits very well into the mindset of October and Halloween. Ezekiel receives a vision from God where he is transported to a valley full of bones.

The Greatest Thing About Christmas

Holly, mistletoe, stockings by the fire, presents under the tree, carolers on the porch, relatives home for a few days, last minute shopping, crowding shopping malls, long lines, pushing, shoving, honking... ah, it must be Christmas. That time of year when children swoon and parents wants to strangle the fellow who invented the microchip.

It’s Not Your Imagination: The World Is Out to Get You

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. Just look around you. Do you watch television? Advertisers want you, and they will stop at nothing to get at you. They will use everything from sexy models to cute babies to get at you. They want you! If you use their product, you will be happy, beautiful, healthy, and, well, perfect. Do you believe them? You shouldn’t. However, they will lure you in with their promises and famous spokesperson.

Thankful Giving

After the Israelites fled Egypt, Moses went to the mountain top to meet with God. While Moses was on the mountain, God gave him instruction for building the tabernacle, a tent that would serve as a temple while the Israelites were traveling to the Promised Land. The instructions were detailed and specific.

The Empty Tomb

Why was the stone rolled away? To let Jesus out? After conquering death, did God's Son need angels to set Him free?

Behold, Your King Comes

Jesus came riding into Jerusalem not as conquering king, but as the Prince of Peace. The Jews expected liberation from the Romans, but what Jesus brought was liberation from sin.

Faith and Determination

The four friends of the paralytic in Mark 2 showed great faith which produced a dertermination that propeled them to do whatever it took to get their friend to Jesus.

Are You Good?

A game that many people play is to compare themselves to others. Comparing ourselves to others has many dangers. When we compare ourselves to others, we may think we are doing better than we are. Comparing ourself to others may cause us to lose site of the good we are doing. By doing our work to the best of our ability, we can know, without comparison to others, that we have done the best work possible. The value of our work is not determined by comparing our work to what others have done.

Stay On The Path

It has often been said that life is a journey, and if life is a journey, each of us is on a path. We have many choices about the paths we take during our lives. However, there is only one path that counts – the path of righteousness. Although it is a straight path, we seem to have difficulty staying on it. We can greatly improve our chances by reading God’s word, praying, and trusting the Lord.

Read the Manual

75% of the calls that come into the call center where I work could be answered by user reading the manual that accompanies the products my company manufactures. Both parties could save time, by the end user reading the manual. Christians have a manual given to them by God. It is called the Bible...

God's Man in the Workplace

Today, many Christians practice the separation of church and business. They seem to believe church matters are church matters, business matters are business matters, and the two should never come within a thousand miles of each other.

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