Itís Not Your Imagination:
The World Is Out to Get You

Are you surprised? You shouldnít be. Just look around you. Do you watch television? Advertisers want you, and they will stop at nothing to get at you. They will use everything from sexy models to cute babies to get at you. They want you! If you use their product, you will be happy, beautiful, healthy, and, well, perfect. Do you believe them? You shouldnít. However, they will lure you in with their promises and famous spokesperson.

It doesnít stop there. The government, organizations, and non-profits of the United States are after you, too.† They want you to come to their way of thinking and join their cause. They want to give you a purpose in life, something to believe in. Never mind that underneath all the goodwill and supposed truth, it is all about the money and power. They will stop at nothing to get you!

Do I sound paranoid? A conspirator? I hope so, because there is someone behind all this that you should know about. His name: Satan. Oh, you can call him Devil, Old Scratch, Lucifer, itís all the same creature. Why does he do it? Heíll do anything to get your mind off the things that really matter. Things like truth, honesty, faith, purity, and love. Yes, love. Not that mushy, gushy Hollywood love. Not even the love between friends or family. Iím talking about Godís love. Godís love doesnít care where you are or where you came from. Godís love embraces you in spite of yourself.

Satan has control over these people who are trying to get at you. He wants them to appeal to you to have the best, greatest and latest. Make you believe that a new shampoo or facial cream can make you more attractive. Heíll use anything to get your mind off of eternity, God and, yes, Godís love.

What is a person to do? Well, I think Jesus said it best. Stop fussing. Focus on the things that matter. ďSeek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness...Ē We live in a selfish society that is all about me. Will you give in to the world? Jesus promised that we would have the things we need. All we have to do is focus on what God wants instead of what we want. In other words, stop being so selfish. Open your eyes and look at things from Godís point of view. You will see that you are no better than anyone else, and no product, money or power can change your status. The only thing that can save you is God.

God paved the way for us. He sent Jesus on that Christmas morning so long ago. Jesus was a gift to the human race. God came down to earth, lived and was murdered to pay the debt that we owe for disobeying God. It doesnít stop there! Jesus conquered death to show that He indeed was more than just some prophet. By displaying His power over death, and only by displaying this power, He promises us that if we believe that He has paid the debt for our sins, we, too, can have power over death and the world.

What will you do? Will you continue to let the world try to take over your life? Or will you look to God and claim His promises?

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