Whose Team Are You On?

Life is a lot like football. We struggle and fight to make our way down the field of life. We seek the ultimate thrill, the great prize: the touchdown. Everyone seems to play the game differently with different results. Some seem to fly down the field, making first downs with ease, and others seem to always be in third and long situations. We all find ourselves in situations were we have no choice but to punt; then, we wait for our next chance to work toward the end zone.

To make things harder, it seems that we are always being penalized, and for good reason. We do things that are wrong. We cheat, lie, steal, and hate. Penalties can slow down a drive or even stop it. We forget to play by the rules, and some even play by a different set of rules. Then death, the final personal foul penalty is called against us.

What is your game plan? Wealth? Possessions? Success? Or the Party Plan? Do you ever feel like you are always punting and never gaining any yardage? Do you feel like in the end you will have to settle for, at best, a field goal rather than a touchdown? Or maybe you fear you will never put points up on the scoreboard of life?

God has a game plan for you. He wants to draft you for His team. His game plan is laid out in His playbook called the Bible. If you join His team and follow His playbook, He not only promises you a touchdown but victory! Yes, victory!

Long ago, God saw that mankind was a team without a coach; so, God came to earth as the man Jesus. Jesus coached a group of men we call the disciples. Jesus gave those men the game plan. The plan began with Jesus, the coach, giving His life for the team. You see, to be on God's team you have to be perfect. We all know that none of us are perfect. God, however, made a way for us to be perfect. Through Jesus' death, He took all our penalties away. When a team is penalty free, it's easier to gain yardage.

What good is a dead coach? None. That is why Jesus was resurrected from the dead. By overcoming death, Jesus showed us that we no longer needed to fear the penalty of death.

How does one get on God's team? I’m glad you asked. You get on God's team by accepting Jesus as your coach. Let Him call the plays for you and follow His playbook. There will be no need to call your own plays or an audible. God's plan is perfect.

Whose team are you on? Are you trying to call your own plays? In the end, the personal foul of death will be called against you. Will Jesus be there to decline the penalty for you, or will He say, “Sorry, he's not on my team”?

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