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Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. — Psalm 119:105

The Game of Life

A Look At Life Through Sports

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Straight for the Goal

Sometimes, life knocks us down. We get crossed-checked into the boards of life and the wind gets knocked out of us. We lie there on the ice and wonder whether we should get back up. Thatís where the Devil wants us, flat on our backs on the ice.

Whose Team Are You On?

Life is a lot like football. We struggle and fight to make our way down the field of life. We seek the ultimate thrill, the great prize: the touchdown. Everyone seems to play the game differently with different results. Some seem to fly down the field, making first downs with ease, and others seem to always be in third and long situations. We all find ourselves in situations were we have no choice but to punt; then, we wait for our next chance to work toward the end zone.

Records Were Made To Be Broken

Life is like that. Nothing last forever. People grow old and die, friends move away, fashions change, games' rules change, and records are broken. If you wait long enough, the things you donít like will change; unfortunately, the things you like change, too. One gets the feeling that life is chaotic, and nothing and no one can be counted on to provide stability in ones life.

It Takes A Team

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul begins a speech on the church being the body of Christ. Each part is important, and all are needed for the body to function properly. It is the same for a baseball team. There are nine positions on the playing field, and each is as important as the next. Everyone cannot play the pitcher's position. It takes all nine positions playing together to make a team.

Rules of the Game

I have played sports all my life. As a child, I played baseball and football in organized leagues. I also played pickup games of football, baseball, and basketball with my friends. Whether I played in a league or played with my friends, the games always had rules. Sometimes when I played with my friends, the rules varied depending on how many we had to play.
Life has been compared to a game, and every game has rules. There are three different sets of rules by which the game of life is played: individual rules, man's rules, and God's rules.

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