Records Were Made to Be Broken

On Sunday, February 2, 2003, Dany Heatley became the youngest player in NHL history to score a hat trick in an All-Star game, beating Wayne Gretzky’s record by one day. Heatley went on to be one of only five players who ever scored four goals in an All-Star game. It was a great day for the young hockey player.

In a halftime interview, Wayne Gretzky said he was happy for the young player. “Record are made to be broken,” Wayne said. Indeed, a truth of life. No matter how hard we strive, no matter how good we are, someone, some day, will come along and be better. Today, you’re the best, tomorrow, second best.

Life is like that. Nothing last forever. People grow old and die, friends move away, fashions change, games' rules change, and records are broken. If you wait long enough, the things you don’t like will change; unfortunately, the things you like change, too. One gets the feeling that life is chaotic, and nothing and no one can be counted on to provide stability in ones life.

Then there is God. He is constant, unwavering, unchanged. Our concepts, ideas, and thoughts about God may change, but He remains the same. Since the creation of time, God has been God, the Almighty, the Creator. He is the same today as He was the day He created the worlds.

If life is getting too chaotic for you and you need some stability in your life, why not turn to God and His Word? They have not changed. They are the same today as they have always been. You can count on it!

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