The Lamb Who Cried Wolf

© 2001 E. E. Perry

Cast of Characters:

Dog 1
Dog 2

Scene 1

(Lamb comes on stage. He is by Himself and looking down.)

lamb: No one ever pays any attention to me. I just stand out here in the field all day eating grass and being ignored. I know! I'll get their attention! (Loudly) Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

(Dog 1 comes running.)

dog 1: Wolf! Where?! Where?! Which way did he go?!

lamb:(Pointing.) He went that way!

(Dog 1 exits.)

lamb: Dogs are so gullible. They believe anything you say.

dog 1:(Returning)I don't find any wolf. Are you sure you saw one?

lamb: Sure, I'm sure. Look! (Points at Dog 1) Wolf!

(Dog 1 barks & turns looking for wolf. Lamb points at Dog 1 and yells, "Wolf!" again. They repeat this several times until Dog 2 come on stage.)

Dog 2: No! No! He's pointing at you and saying you're the wolf. He's not a wolf, you silly lamb, he's a sheep dog.

lamb: (Examining Dog 1) Well, so he is. Sorry, my mistake. He sure did look like a wolf to me.

( Dogs exit.)

lamb: (Laughs) Boy, this sure is fun. Those stupid dogs don't know their noses from their tails. (Wolf sneaks up behind Lamb.) I could have fun with this.

wolf: Hey, There, little lamb.

lamb: Oh, hey, there, Mr. Wolf. (Double-take) Wolf!

wolf: My, you look fat and juicy.

lamb: Not me! I'm skin and bones. You don't want to eat me. (Loudly) Wolf! Wolf! (To audience) This is not good!

(Wolf grabs Lamb by arm and drags him off stage. The entire time Lamb is yelling, "Wolf!")

Scene 2

(Dog 1 and Dog 2 come on stage.)

Dog 1: Hear that! That crazy lamb is yelling "wolf", again.

dog 2: Oh, he's just trying to get attention. I wouldn't worry about him.

(Lamb drags himself on stage.)

dog 1: Man, what happened to you?

lamb: (Weakly) Wolf...

dog 2: Hum. Well, if you hadn't lied about the wolf the first time, -- just to get attention -- we might have helped you.

lamb: (Still weak) Yeah.. you're right.

dog 1: I guess we better get him to the fold, where the shepherd can care of him.

(Dogs help Lamb off stage.)

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