Heavenly Street


E. E. Perry



Character List:



WORKERS (3 to 6 puppets)








(Total of 10-13 puppets)



Scene 1 – Works Way


[Scene is set as a construction site. There is a sign, “WORKS WAY”. Part of a bridge can be seen to the right side of the stage. There are several construction workers working on the bridge. FOREMAN is standing center stage looking at a blue print. SEEKER enters stage from the left.]


SEEKER: [to FOREMAN] Excuse me, sir, but can you telling me how to get to Heavenly Street?


FOREMAN: [looking up from blue print] Grab a hard hat and a hammer and get to work!


SEEKER: I’m afraid you are confused. I’m not here to work. I’m just trying to get to Heavenly Street.


FOREMAN: Then grab a hardhat and hammer. The only way any of us will ever get to Heavenly Street is if we work, work, work. This bridge, when we finish it, will connect with Heavenly Street. Only those who put in the work will be able to cross. And, it will be the only way to get there. Hard work! Only those who help build will be able to cross.


SEEKER: But surely there is another way. What if I die before the bridge is finished?


FOREMAN: That’s your problem. Now, are you going to work? If not, then leave.


[There is a loud rumble and the bridge begins to shake. The workers scramble to get out of the way as the bridge collapses.]


FOREMAN: [sighs] That’s the fourth collapse we’ve had this month.


WORKER: [running up from the collapsed bridge] Mr. Foreman, the bridge has collapsed.


FOREMAN: I can see that you imbecile. How many men did we loose?


WORKER: Fifteen or twenty.


FOREMAN: Poor souls. They will never see Heavenly Street.


[SEEKER starts to walk away.]


FOREMAN: Where are you going? We will need to start rebuilding the bridge. If you want to see Heavenly Street, you will want to help.


SEEKER: [over his shoulder] That’s okay. I’ll find another way.




Scene 2 – Buy Way


[Scene is set as a train station. There is a sign, “BUY WAY”. PITCHMAN is standing center stage. He has a fist full of tickets. CONDUCTOR stands stage left. SEEKER enters stage right.]


PITCHMAN: Tickets! Tickets! I got tickets for Heavenly Street! Dirt-cheap! Rock-bottom prices! Get your tickets to Heavenly Street!


SEEKER: Did you say you had tickets for Heavenly Street?


PITCHMAN: Why, yes, how many do you need?


SEEKER: Only one.


PITCHMAN: One! Don’t you want to buy one for a friend? A mother? Father? Sister? Brother?


SEEKER: Well, I never really thought about it.


PITCHMAN: Well, you should think about it. Don’t you want your loved ones to see Heavenly Street?


SEEKER: Well, I guess so.


PITCHMAN: Well, then, how many? Four, five, six?


SEEKER: Well, there is my brother George, my sister Sue… Hum… I guess three will do it.


PITCHMAN: Only three?


SEEKER: Yes, I think three will do it.


PITCHMAN: Then three it is. That will be fifteen thousand dollars.


SEEKER: Fifteen thousand dollars!!!


PITCHMAN: What? Did you think they were free?


SEEKER: All I have is twenty dollars.


PITCHMAN: Hum… well, that’s not much. Tell you what, I’ll give you one ticket for twenty dollars, and you can come back later. I will sell you the other two tickets for one hundred dollars each.


SEEKER: Oh, okay.


[They make the transaction.]


PITCHMAN: Don’t forget now. Come back later for the other two. Make sure you have two hundred dollars.


SEEKER: I will.


[SEEKER walks over to CONDUCTOR.]


SEEKER: [to CONDUCTOR] Which train takes me to Heavenly Street?


CONDUCTOR: Heavenly Street? There is no train to Heavenly Street.


SEEKER: [Points at PITCHMAN] But that man over there just sold me a ticket to Heavenly Street.


[While CONDUCTOR is talking, PITCHMAN sneaks off stage to the rear.]


CONDUCTOR: I’m afraid you have been conned. There is no train to Heavenly Street, and you sure can’t buy a ticket for it.


[SEEKER turns to see PITCHMAN is gone. Hanging his head, he exits left.]





Scene 3 – Any Way


[Scene is a countryside. There is a sign, “ANY WAY”. There are four more street signs here labeled: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and New Age. GURU is center stage dressed in a white robe with a turban wrapped around his head. He is meditating. SEEKER enters stage left.]


SEEKER: Excuse he, sir.


[GURU continues to meditate.]




GURU: [still meditating] Yes, son, how may I enlighten you?


SEEKER: I’m trying to get to Heavenly Street.


GURU: My son, all streets lead to Heavenly Street. [Gestures toward the street signs] All you have to do is pick one.


SEEKER: All of them.


GURU: Yes, my son, it is just a matter of picking a road and sticking to it.


SEEKER: Okay. [Looks at the signs and reads them.] Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, New Age. New Age sounds good, I’ll try that one.


[SEEKER follows the direction of the New Age sign. Exiting off stage. A few seconds he is back.]


SEEKER: I followed the New Age road and I ended back here where I started.


GURU: Maybe, it was not the right road for you. Try one of the others.


[SEEKER tries one of the other roads and in a few seconds he is back. He tries the other two with the same result.]


SEEKER: I have tried all of the roads and they all lead me back to where I started.


GURU: Then perhaps it was not meant for you to find Heavenly Street.


[SEEKER exits stage right, shaking his head.]






Scene 4 – The Way


[There is a sign “THE WAY”. CHRISTIAN is center stage. SEEKER enters stage left.]


CHRISTIAN: You look sad.


SEEKER: I am trying to get to Heavenly Street, but every way that I am told is a dead end.


CHRISTIAN: I know how to get to Heavenly Street.


SEEKER: Oh, I’ve heard that before.


CHRISTIAN: But there is only one way to Heavenly Street.


SEEKER: And what way is that?


CHRISTIAN: You have to go down One Way Street.


SEEKER: And how do I get to One Way Street?


CHRISTIAN: Keep straight on this narrow road and it will lead you to One Way Street.


[SEEKER exit stage left.]





Scene 5 – One Way Street


[There is a sign here, “ONE WAY STREET”. There is a large cross with JESUS printed on the cross member. There is the sound of a rushing wind. SEEKER enters stage right, struggling against the force of the wind.]


SEEKER: [yelling over wind] Is there anyone here? [There is no answer. SEEKER looks up at the cross.] Does Jesus have something to do with the way to Heavenly Street? [A sign pops up pointing to the cross. The sign says “THE WAY”.] What about all the others? The builders? The ticket salesman? The Guru? [Another sign pops up pointing to the cross. It says, “THE TRUTH.”] If Jesus is the way, then what am I suppose to do? [A sign pops up in front of the cross that says, “BELIEVE.”] So, I have to believe that Jesus is the way to Heavenly Street?


[The wind stops.]


VOICE: [from off stage] That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. [Romans 10:9 (NIV)]


[Lights fade on stage, but the cross remains lit. Leader, pastor or teacher should then present an invitation to be saved.]





Production Notes:


At start of play, you might want to use a song as an introduction to the play. I recommend Heavenly Street available from One Way Street Online on their CD Righteous Pop Music Vol. 2.


Most scene transitions should be rather quick. However, if you feel they are too long, you might fill in with short songs that pertain to the next or pervious scene.



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