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Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. — Psalm 119:105

Puppet and Drama Skits

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The Little Lamb Series

The Lamb of God

Little Lamb is upset about the animal sacrifices in the Old Testament until it is explained to him that Jesus (the Lamb of God) has made the great sacrific for all mankind.

Standing on the Promises

Little Lamb takes the words of the hymn and the Bible literally, until the poetic language is explained to him.

The Lost Lamb

Little Lamb wanders away from the flock, thinking he can make it on his own...

The Lamb Who Cried Wolf

Little Lamb learns a lesson about lying...

The Advent Season (Christmas) Series

These skits can easily be adapted and used during other times of the year.

Hope of Hopes

The first in the series. For week 1 of Advent the topic is hope.

Pieces of Peace

The second in the series. For week 2 of Advent the topic is peace.

Jump for Joy!

The third in the series. For week 3 of Advent the topic is joy.

How Do You Spell Love?

The fourth in the series. For week 4 of Advent the topic is love.

Canaan Action News Series

The Fall of Jericho

Guy Nosy's report on the fall of Jericho.

He Is Risen!

Guy Nosy reports on the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Misc. Skits

Offended Brother

Sue teaches Bobby a lesson about dealing with others who have hurt you...

Tracking Dinosaurs

Woof is tracking dinosaurs, and it turns into a lesson about salvation.

Heavenly Street

Seeker is trying to find a way to Heavenly Street. Many people give him advise on how to get there, but he soon discovers the One Way...

Telling Tales

A group of kids learn a lesson about gossip...

Journey to the Cross

Pilgrim is on a quest to free himself from the burden on his back. He meets Evangelist, who tells him the path he must take to free himself of the burden.

Fishers of Men

Bobby learns about fishing... for men.

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