The Lost Lamb

The parable of the Lost Sheep Retold

© 2001 E.E. Perry

Cast of Characters:

Sheep dog

NOTE: This play requires a two level stage. The top layer (stage top) is the cliff and the bottom layer (stage bottom) is the bottom of the cliff.

(Play starts with Lamb entering from the stage top. He looks around and grazes on the grass.)

LAMB: Man, look at the view! And this grass is tender and green. I can't believe them other stupid sheep want to hang out with the shepherd and those dumb dogs. Up here, I can do whatever I want. Don't have to worry about the shepherd or those bossy dogs giving me orders. (Eats some more grass.) Man, this grass is the best. The shepherd will never miss me. He has one hundred sheep to worry about. Besides, he'll just send them dogs to find me.

SHEEP DOG: (from off stage) Lamb! Oh, Lamb!

LAMB: There comes one of the dogs, now. Watch while I hide from him.

(LAMB hides behind a bush.)

SHEEP DOG: (coming on stage top) Now, where did that silly Lamb go. I saw him wander off from the rest of the flock. Was sure I saw him come up here.

(SHEEP DOG looks around, but never looks behind the bush where LAMB is hiding. He gives up and exits the way he came.)

LAMB: (comes out from behind the bush) That dog couldn't track something right under his nose. (LAMB starts to laugh; trips; and falls from stage top to stage bottom. Sound effect: clashing pans, etc. when he lands.) Ouch! Man, that hurt. I think I broke my leg. Well, that's just great! Where is one of those stupid dogs when you need one?

SHEPHERD: (off stage) Lamb! Lamb!

LAMB: Oh, the shepherd. Thank goodness! I'm saved!

SHEPHERD: (Coming on stage top) Lamb! Lamb!

LAMB: (shouting up) Hey, I'm down here!

SHEPHERD: (looking down) What are you doing down there?

LAMB: I fell. I think I broke my leg.

SHEPHERD: (throwing down rope) Here grab hold of this rope, and I will pull you up.

(LAMB is attached to the rope and pulled up by the SHEPHERD.)

SHEPHERD: Lamb, why did you wander off? Do I not take you to the best pastures? Do I not keep you safe from harm?

LAMB: (hanging head) Uh, yes.

SHEPHERD: Now, you have a broken leg. I will have to carry you until it heals. But would it have not been better to stay with the flock?

LAMB: Uh, yes.

(SHEPHERD puts LAMB on shoulders and carries him off stage.)

SHEPHERD: From now on, you best stay with the flock, where I can watch out for you and keep you safe.

End with someone talking about how we are like the lamb who went astray when we wander from God and doing His will.

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